100 Pcs Lot Lantana Camara Flower S Perennial Herb Gorgeous Bonsai Tree Plant Home Garden Potted Seeds

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Planting instructions:

About home-grown fruits and vegetables, flowers and planting techniques:

1.For small particles seeds, without shell preservation seeds can be sown directly without germination. For example: succulents, strawberry, lavender, wildflowers, most of the vegetables.

2.Ready pots, soil and related tools. Covered with mud in the bottom of the pot, a thickness of about 15-30cm, then the seeds are sprinkled with the top, and then cover the seed 1-2cm above the soil, the last watering it.

Wait for seed germination, the most critical factor is the temperature and humidity, most seeds at temperatures higher than 18 degrees, about 7-10 days to germinate. After germination need plenty of sunlight and supplements fertilizers, plant growth habit under proper watering.

3.For larger seeds and hard shell seeds need to be primed. Such as beans, nuts.

a. You can germinate the seeds in sterile soil in a paper cup, keeping it watered and covered with plastic to maintain moisture.

b. You also can germinate the seeds within paper towels. Moisten 3 paper towels and place them one on top of the other. Fold them in half, and then fold them in half again.

Put the seeds in the middle and fold again several times to get maximum coverage and thickness.

c. Keep the paper towels moist continuously. You can put them on a plate that allows you to keep an additional amount of moisture in it.

You also can cover the towels with wrap or a plastic bag.

d. Keep the towels out of the sunlight but in a warm spot. However, don’t place them next to a radiator, or they will dry out quickly.

e. Transplant the seed to a paper cup filled with potting soil once you see a small root and leaves beginning to emerge. Make certain that the leaves are just below the soil.

f. Put the plant in the sunlight. It will take time for the plant to outgrow the cup. Meanwhile, look for a container twice that size for transplanting.Do not overwater.

If you are using a plastic cup instead of paper, punch a few small holes in the bottom for drainage.

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