100pcs Ivy Seeds Hedera Creeper Green Grass Seed Anti-radiation Ultraviolet Ray Bonsai Climbing Plants Garden

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Product Details
Product Details

Description: Creeper Green Seed
Specification:20 PCS
Function:Beautifying/ Interest/Radiation protection
Plant Form:Seeding
Cultivating Difficulty Degree:Regular
Sunlight:Full Sun/Partial Shade

1. Creating a cool feeling in summer.
2. Plants have lush green leaves to create natural environment.
3. Planting in your yard, in porch or patio planters.
4. Anti-radiation, interests and beautifying.
5. Easy to grow and long blossom stage.

Planting Method:
Planting method:
1. Seed treatment: When the berry matures in purple blue in September, it is immediately taken down, washed, dried, and surface-sterilized with 0.05% carbendazim solution. After draining, the wet sand layer is stored. In early March of the following year, use 45C warm water to soak seeds for two days, change the water twice a day, and mix well with a 2:1 ratio of wet sand seeds. Place them in a place sheltered from the sun and shelter from the wind. Cover the grass and keep it moist. . After about 20 days, when 20% of the seed is white, it can be sown.
2, sowing method: Ivy seed before sowing the seedbed and finely leveled, irrigated, seed and sand broadcast together on the bed, per square meter sowing volume of 100 grams, overlying 1 cm thick loose forest under the humus soil, Take a small shed, covered with polyethylene plastic film.
3. Seedling management: After the cotyledon leaves are unearthed, the film should be uncovered on sunny days, covered by rainy weather all day to increase soil temperature, promote neat emergence, and prevent the damage of chafers. In addition, frequent watering should keep the soil moist.
4. Transplanting management: After the three leaves of the creeper’s true leaves were selected for cloudy days or after 3 pm, they were transplanted at a density of 11 foot. Pour clear water (1:8) immediately after planting. The rainy season must not be excessively long. After two months, the vines are generally more than 60 cm long. At this time, the first picking can be performed to prevent the vines from being entangled and shading each other and to promote the growth of the cane seedlings. Taste once a month, combined with supportive care. Take the above measures, to the fallen leaves, the average thickness of real seedlings can reach 0.5 cm or more, you can plant out of the garden.
5, a reasonable fertilization: creeper during the growing period can be applied liquid fertilizer 2 to 3 times, and often sward loose soil to do Wai, so as not to be submerged in grass, promote its robust growth. For fear of pickle stains, pay attention to prevent soil water. Resist pruning, during the growth process, the branches and branches at the doors and windows can be trimmed according to the situation, in order to maintain clean, beautiful and convenient.

The planting methods and precautions of the ivy climber have been mentioned here, but it is important to note that the ivy climbs faster and climbs higher. If it is planted on a balcony, etc., in order to avoid the creeper climbing to the neighbor’s house Affected, it is best to say hello to neighbors.

Package includes:
20 PCS Creeper Seeds

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