103 Pcs Lot Mix Beautiful Clematis Plant Bonsai Flower Flores Diy Home Garden Time-limited To Seeds

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Product Details
Product Details


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Name: 103 pcs/lot mix beautiful clematis plant bonsai flower flores DIY home garden time-limited very easy to grow
Quantity: 103 pcs
Latin name: Gooseberries
Germination temperature: 15-20C
Growth temperature: 15-30 C
Plant height: 60-180
Germination days: 5-15 days
The best sowing seasons: spring, summer, autumn
Flowering time: 9-12 weeks
Flower color: pink
Packing: OPP simple packaging
Applications: Farm,terrace,garden,living room,study,windows,bedroom,patio.etc
Product Indrotuction:
A clematis vine does not climb by twining around something,as a pole bean or a morning glory does.It climbs by wrapping its leaf stems around something.Because these leaf stems are not very long,anything that’s more than about 0.5 inch in diameter is too wide for the leaf stem to twist around.The easiest things for a clematis to grab onto,are twine,fishing line,wire,thin branches,wooden dowels or steel rods.The more grabbing opportunities you offer,the better,so even if you have a nice trellis,consider adding some twine’helper’lines,or covering your trellis with a grid of trellis netting.Depending on the vigor of the plant and the type of trellis you have,you’ll probably need to do some’trussing’during the season to help support the vines and keep them attached to the trellis.Both fishing line and twine work well for this job.


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