10m 20m 4 8mm Soaker Hose Irrigation Leaking Tube Durable Seepage Permeable Pipe Garden Water Agriculture System Watering Drains

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Product Description

Product Features

? Accurate to the last centimeter of full-nourishing water-saving irrigation engineering equipment
There is no dead zone in the effluent, there is no negative pressure sucking water, completely solved the problem of dripper easy to plug during drip irrigation,it’s easy to the install,just connect the pipe to the PE pipe on the line:
Saving water, compared with the old-fashioned flood irrigation, the amount is only one part of the original water consumption: non-improving fertilizer efficiency, application of drip irrigation technology, base fertilizer, top dressing concentration, slow penetration of water in the soil, avoiding loss of nutrients, and favorable for uniform crops Absorption of nutrients and moisture, thereby improving the utilization of fertilizer efficiency.
? It can better keep the soil loose, small capacity, moderate soil voids, reduce the acidification and salinization of the soil, create a good soil environment for the normal growth of crops, and the consistency of crop growth is good.
The Soaker hose wall is distributed with many capillary micropore irregularly.
It will seepage water like sweating by the capillary micropore of the hose from inside to outside after connect the water.
Then wet the soil around the root layer of the crop by drip way.

Specifications: Inner diameter 4mm,Outer diameter 8mm
Packaging:10m or 20m(Only the hose)

Please Note:
The size is measured by hands, please allow 1-2mm minor error of measurement. Photo color might be a little different from the actual product due to color display of different monitors.
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