150 Pcs Bonsai Sweet Red Pepper Great Annual Organic Delicious Chili Home Garden Vegetable Plant Flower Pot Seeds

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Product Details
Product Details

Dear buyer friends , We are a very Integrity company in china, we sold Plants more than 15 years, In your country, we have many long-term customers and friends. they are very satisfied with our service and products. please feel free to buy, Price is the best,service is also the best too,thanks!

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Germination time: 8-10 days
For germination temperature: 15-35 Celsius.
Package: 1 PP Simple Packaging
Applications: Balcony, roof, garden, living room, study, windows,office, etc.
Planting instructions

150 Pcs Bonsai Sweet Red Pepper Bonsai Great Annual Organic Delicious Chili Home Garden Delicious Vegetable Plant For Flower Pot

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