50 Pcs A Bag Insectivorous Plant Succulents Dionaea Muscipula Bonsai Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous Flower

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1.Air Purification 2.Beautifying 3.Interest 4.Sterilization 5.Refreshing 6.Formaldehyde Removing 7.Mosquito Repelling 8.Radiation Protection Location use; Living Room,Study,Kitchen,Bathroom,Office Desks,Tea Table,Windowsill,Building Roof,Courtyard,Balcony,Bedroom etc.. 20 Pcs A Bag Insectivorous Plant Seed Succulents Dionaea Muscipula Bonsai Seeds Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous Plant *Free Shipping To germinate Venus Flytrap seeds, there are a few things to consider and remember: Stratification or no? — No, not for Venus Flytrap seed. Stratification is the process of keeping seeds cold and damp for several weeks or months, and for Fall-blooming plants stratification can simulate a winter for the seeds, which are used to germinating the following Spring. But Venus Flytraps bloom in the Spring, not the Fall, and their seeds do not need to be stratified. Instead Venus Flytrap seeds are accustomed to germinate within days (usually 13-25 days) after they fall to the ground during the summer, the rate and speed of germination increasing with warm temperatures. Therefore, Venus Flytrap seeds should not be stratifed, although if they are not sowed immediately they can be stored in the refrigerator to help them remain fresh longer and increase germination when sowed at a later date.
What kind of soil? The “soil” should be the same as growing media for adult Venus Flytraps: a very low-nutrient mix based on sphagnum peat moss, with other ingredients such as silica sand or perlite optionally added. No “potting soil” (usually has nutrients added) and no Miracle-Gro brand because they enrich their sphagnum peat moss and perlite with plant food.
Bury the seed? — Don\’t bury the seed, but it\’s OK to sift a little fine dust of sphagnum peat moss (ground between the fingers, for example) onto the surface of the germination/growing medium to settle around the seeds to help retain moisture and keep the emerging root from drying out and becoming calloused and stunted. This also helps give the seed something to push against as the root emerges and seeks to dig itself into the medium instead of merely pushing itself along the soil surface, but it is not strictly necessary.
Water — Use only rain water or distilled water (or reverse-osmosis water). To water the seeds, use a spray bottle to gently wet the soil surface or continue to spray to saturate the medium until some water drains out, or water from below, allowing the soil to suck water upward through the drain holes from a tray or bowl of water. While germinating seed the soil should be fairly moist. Later when the plants begin to grow well the water content should be lowered and the plants allowed to have more air and less water in the soil. Venus Flytraps, once they are past the tiny seedling stage, grow very healthy in just moist rather than soggy or saturated soil, although care must be taken so that the soil never completely dries out.
Heat — Yes, keep the seeds and growing container warm. A temperature above 78 degrees Fahrenheit or fluctuating up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (24-32 or more degrees Celsius/Centigrade) will greatly help to stimulate more rapid germination and early healthy growth.
Keep moist — Don\’t allow the soil surface to dry out completely, and try to keep humidity high during germination, although it can be lowered once the plants are growing. If you live in a dry climate, it helps to germinate Venus Flytraps in a covered container. A disposable plastic food storage container makes a fine germination chamber. Cut or punch holes in the top for heat escape and air circulation, and poke some tiny holes in the bottom of the container to drain excess water. Lift the lid of the container at least once a day and fan the air for a change of fresh air. The germination chamber should not be placed in direct sunlight because it will overheat both the air and soil inside and may damage or kill the seeds and germinating plants. Bright indirect light is best. Alternatively, the seeds may be sown in any regular pot or planting container, and temporarily covered with a clear plastic bag in indirect light. As with the germination chamber mentioned above, it is important to keep any covered container out of direct sunlight because of the rapid buildup of heat inside or beneath the covering, which can literally bake and kill seeds and seedlings. Once most of the seeds have germinated (within 4-6 weeks) the covering can be permanently removed and the seedlings then placed in direct sunlight. ?Click To Me, You’ll Find Surprises 200 Pcs Miniature Hollyhock Flower Bonsai Plant Diy Home Garden Beautifying Decoration Alcea Rosea Gorgeous Cut Flowers USD 0.68-0.99/lot Sale!! 100 Pcs/Bag Rare Rainbow Bougainvillea Potted Flower Exotic Japanese Bonsai Plant For Home Garden Happy Farm Decoration USD 0.68/lot SALE!! Japanese Cherry Organic Fruit Tree Blossoms Plant Sakura Grove Potted Plant For Home Garden Bonsai Flowers 20 Pcs USD 0.69/lot Hot Sale! 20 Pcs Strawberry Hydrangea Flower Potted Balcony Bonsai Plant Rare China Tree Flowers Home Garden Decoration USD 0.69/lot 20 Pcs Mini Redwood Bonsai Tree Metasequoia Glyptostroboides Diy Home Garden Largest Fresh Natural Park Tree High Quality USD 0.69/lot High Quality 100 Pcs / Bag Italian Amaryllis Barbados Lily Potted Bonsai Balcony Flower (Not Bulbs) Roof Terrace Garden USD 0.68/lot HOT ! 200 Pcs African Violet Bonsai For Home Garden Plants Beautiful Flowers Perennial Herb Violets Matthiola Incana Saintpaulia USD 0.59-0.89/lot Hot Pepper Bonsai Vegetables And Fruit Plant 1000Pcs / Bag Organic Sweet Paprika Chili Pepper Funny Flower Potted Capsicum Chile USD 0.89-1.99/lot 24 Color Imported Gloxinia Plant 200 Pcs Perennial Sinningia Gloxinia Home Garden Pot Easy To Grow Rare Bonsai Flower Potted USD 0.59-0.89/lot 100 Pcs/Bag Geranium Garden Perennial Flower Flores Bonsai Pelargonium Peltatum Flowers Potted Climbing Plant Bonsai Plantas USD 0.89/lot 5 Pcs Climbing Wisteria Flower Pots Planters Wisteria Flower Chinese Bonsai Mixed Colors Garden Perennial Ornamental Plant USD 0.49-0.79/lot Promotion! Blue Strawberry Indoor Plants Giant Climbing Fruit For Home & Garden Diy Rare For Bonsai 1000 Pcs / Lot Free Shipping USD 0.49-1.68/lot A Bag 20 Pcs Rare Multi Color Fruit Cherry Bonsai Sweet Sylvia Upright Cherry Dwarf Tree Flowerpot Plant For Home Garden USD 0.49-0.79/lot 100 Pcs Pineapple Bonsai Juicy Delicious Fruit Tree Rare Exotic Colorful Potted Plant Decoration Home & Garden Free Shipping USD 0.49-0.79/lot Promotion! 300 pcs Hanging Petunia Mixed bonsai 20 kind Color Waves Indoor Beautiful Flowers for Home Garden Plant Decoration USD 0.49-0.79/lot New Arrival 5000 Pcs Giant Spices Red Hot Pepper Bonsai Plants Garden Supplies Interest Paprika Chilli Vegetable For Home Garden USD 0.59-2.99/lot Flower 20+Pcs Seeds Blue Stripe Rose Rare Rosas Bush Blue White Dragon Flowers Bonsai Plant for Home Garden USD 0.38/lot Hot New Purple Rose Flower Plant Easy To Maintain China Rose Flower 20+ Pcs Bonsai Plant For Home Garden Easy Grow USD 0.38/lot Mysterious Black Rose Flower Professional Pack, Osiria Rose Hybrid Rare Rose Home & Garden Plant for Flower Pot Planter 50 Pcs USD 0.36/lot Rare Red + Black Rose Flower Rare Amazingly Beautiful Bonsai Balcony Flower 20+PCS Home Garden Potted Plant Gift USD 0.38/lot Promotion!!! 100 PCS Miniascape of Rare Blue Rose Beautiful Flower Rare Color ,Rich Aroma, DIY Home Garden for Flower Pot USD 0.44/lot 20+PCS Rarest White Blood Rose Plant Flower Flower Garden Asaka Rare True Blood Rose Flowers Potted Plant USD 0.38/lot New Home Garden Plant Genuine Rose Xanthina,Black Thorn Plum ,Canary Bird Rose,Manchu Rose Tree Free Shipping 100 Pcs USD 0.43/lot 100 Rarest White Blood Rose True Flower Plant for Home Planting , Light Fragrant Garden Flower USD 0.37/lot

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