500 Pcs Aquatic Grass Bonsais Colorful Moss Aquarium Pot Plant Indoor Fish Tank Landscape Ornamental Garden Decor Seeds

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Product Details
Product Details
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Dear Friend, Welcome to visit my store
Now I give you a detailed instruction about this product:
Where are Our goods plant?
1.home and garden,
2.bonsai ,
3.small park,
4.office desk,
7.bedroom decoration.
8.Building Roof
10.Tea Table
What Funsctions are Our Bonsai plants ?
1-Beautifying Environment.
2-Radiation Protection
3-Mosquito Repelling
4-Refreshing Brain
5-Air Purification
6-So Interesting
How to plant ?
1.fill seeds in warm water for 24 hours
2. fill seeds in cold water for 72 hours.
3.put seeds in wet soil for 1.5cm cover with plastic
4.water every day , the seeds will sprout in 15 days.
Now Please feel free to enjoy our flowers.

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500 Pcs Aquatic Grass Bonsais Colorful Underwater Moss Aquarium Pot Plant Indoor Fish Tank Landscape Ornamental Garden Decor

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