50pcs Ipomoea Nil Perennial Flower Seeds Bonsai Blooms Purple Colorful Garden Home Z
50pcs Ipomoea Nil Perennial Flower Seeds Bonsai Blooms Purple Colorful Garden Home Z

50pcs Ipomoea Nil Perennial Flower Seeds Bonsai Blooms Purple Colorful Garden Home Z

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Product Details
Product Details

Description: Bell Flower Seed
Color:Purple/White/Light Purple/Light Pink
Type:Blooming Plant
Specification:50 Seeds/100 Seeds/200 Seeds
Classification:Home/Garden Flower
Use:Indoor/Outdoor Plant
Function:Air Purification/ Beautifying/ Interest
Location:Living Room/Balcony/Study/Garden etc.
Cultivating Difficulty Degree:Regular
Sunlight:Full Sun/Partial Shade
Variety:Bell Flower
1. Bring out the gardener in you- following the instructions listed on the packaging directly and beautiful flowers will grow virtually anywhere. These are perfect for both indoor planting and outdoor gardens.
2. Great gift for Moms, daughters, and the gardener in your life.
3. Smell is believing- These flowers have some light fragrance.
4. Air-purification, beautifying and interests.
5. Easy to grow in four seasons.
Package includes:
50 Seeds/ 100 Seeds/ 200 Seeds
Bell flower is native to the northern part of Eurasia. It is a thick, plant-like flower bell shaped like bell flower. It is bright and elegant, and is very popular in Europe. It is a common herb flower in small gardens in the late spring and early summer. Expressing health, gentleness and cuteness. Most of them are perennial herbs, some have long, slender, rhizomes, some have short stem bases, and the roots are thick, much meaty, and less annual herbs. Leaves all alternate, basal leaves some rosettes. The flowers are single-flowered, or multiple flowers form cymes, cymules sometimes integrated with panicles, and sometimes degenerate, with neither the main stalks nor pedicels, becoming head-shaped inflorescence composed of several flowers.
Growth Conditions:
When the seeds are sowed immediately after sowing, the plants can bloom the following year. Such as autumn cool sowing, most of the seedlings will not bloom until the end of the third year of the spring. Hi summer cool, mild winter climate. You should pay attention to the prevention of cold in overwintering and need a low-temperature greenhouse. The Yangtze River Basin needs cold bed protection. When the young seedlings pass the summer, they should be given a shade of shade to avoid strong sunshine.
Bell flowers are used for wintering in warm winter seasons and can be planted on the borders or edges of flower beds, rock bamboo gardens or gardens. Potted bulbs planted in 15-20 cm pots can be maintained in semi-shade to full sunlight. Sowing time: 8-10 months, germination temperature: 18-25 C, seeds are very fine, available peat board drilling or pot seeding, seed surface covering about 2-3 times the diameter of the seed. After sowing 10-20 seedlings, the leaf is unfolded, and the seedlings can not be touched to the seedlings. The sunshine must be sufficient and the temperature is not too high. With the growth and fertilization, 2-4 times. This leaves 3-4 when planted. Potted plants should be turned once a year in spring, and branches should be short to trigger side branches so that they only bloom.

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