Bonsai 100 Pcs Banana Plants Organic Fruit Tree Ornamental Plant Healthy And Nutritious Food Fruits Dwarf Home Garden Seeds

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Product Details
Product Details

2018 Newly arrived bonsai plants (vegetables, fruits, flowers…)

100 pcs Rare Giant Russian Cabbage bonsai Vegetable plants High Germination High-quality Vegetable For home garden Easy to Grow
USD 0.80-1.09/lot

100 pcs/bag China Mother Chrysanthemum aster plants Rare perennial flower plant Indoor bonsai flowering plants Family garden
USD 0.99/lot

100 pcs Calla Lily Bonsai Imported From Holland,Calla Lily Seedlings-Rare Plants Flowers Home Gardening DIY Garden Supplies
USD 0.70-0.99/lot

Bonsai 100 pcs Rare Exotic Cucumber Bonsai japanese mini cucumber vegetable Plants organic Non-GMO Plant Pot for home garden
USD 0.69-0.99/lot

100 Pcs Mixed Color Gazania Rigens Flores Bonsai, office desktop flowers, Indoor Flower Plantas For Home & Garden Purify the Air
USD 0.64-0.99/lot

Hot Sale! 100 pcs Edible Rainbow Tomato Bonsai heirloom sweet gardening potted plants Non-GMO vegetable Planten for home garden
USD 0.66-0.99/lot

100 Pcs Colourful Delphinium Bonsai indoor plants Giant Room Family Garden Organic Flowers Hardy flowers for a perennial garden
USD 0.68-0.99/lot
Product name:
Bonsai 100 Pcs Banana plants Organic Fruit Tree Ornamental plant Healthy And Nutritious Food Fruits Dwarf Banana For Home Garden
Product Details:
Quantity: 100 pcs
Germination time: 10-15 days
For germination temperature: 15-20 Celsius.
Package: 1 PP Simple Packaging
Applications: Balcony, garden, living room, study, windows, office, etc.
Planting instructions:
Hi warm climate. Strict requirements on the soil, but well-drained sandy soil cultivated good clip, when live, with Ren Chufen water mixed with ashes mixed, then sow the plants uniformly gray, slightly Gaiyan plants, practical and irrigated, Usually when the temperature 15-20 degrees, 10-15 days to emergence.
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The Most Beautiful Garden Bonsai Plant Flowers

Succulent sugar cane bonsai 100 pcs delicious Vegetable and fruits garden Are rich in sugar sugarcane plant health Organic Fruit
USD 0.99/lot

Bonsai 100pcs Imported Pitaya Japanese Juicy Non-GMO Bonsai Dragon Fruit Home Garden Indoor Plant Easy Grow In Pots Easy to Grow
USD 0.70-1.08/lot

200 pcs/bag Colorful Onion planten,giant Onion bonsai,Edible Organic Heirloom Vegetable Fruit bonsai Rare Plants For Home Garden
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Bonsai 100 pcs Blooming Narcissus Aquatic Plants Indoor flower Double Petals Daffodil Bonsai Flower DIY Potted Ornamental Plants
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Bonsai 100Pcs Multiple Color Choice Hydrangea Bonsai Perennial Flower Plant Hydrangea Balcony Ornamental Garden Decoration Plant
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Euphorbia Lactea bonsai 100Pcs Perennial Succulent Its Shape Is Peculiar And Beautiful With High Ornamental Value Purify The Air
USD 0.68-0.99/lot

100 pcs Cyclamen bonsai, Cyclamen floreslings garden,Primrose flowers plant, Courtyard & Balcony Outdoor Plant for Home Garden
USD 0.70-0.99/lot

200 Pcs Rare Eustoma bonsai Perennial Flower plants Balcony Potted Flowers Bonsai Lisianthus flower For Home Garden Planting
USD 0.66-0.99/lot

Bonsai 100 pcs/bag Rare Gorgeous Color Cockscomb flower Planten Balcony Patio Bonsai Flower flores Celosia Cristata Potted Plant
USD 0.66-0.99/lot

Bonsai 100 Pcs China Chrysanthemum Flower Plants Rare Perennial Flower flores Indoor Bonsai Flower Plants For Family Garden
USD 0.74-1.09/lot

50 pcs Rare Blue Spruce tree Climbing Evergreen Blue Fir Plant Bonsai Potted Pine Christmas Tree for Garden Ornamental Plants
USD 0.88-1.26/lot

100 pcs Rare Exotic Clematis Bonsai Flower DIY Perennial Flowers Climbing Clematis Plants For Home Garden christmas decorations
USD 0.66-0.99/lot

100 pcs/bag Aloe vera flores,Vegetables and fruit plantas edible beauty Edible cosmetic Bonsai plants plante for home & garden
USD 0.99/lot

200pc Rainbow calla lily Bonsai flower lily plant Rare exotic Flowers flores for Home gardening DIY easy grow best gift for wife
USD 0.95-1.26/lot
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