Bonsai Varieties Azalea Floresling 108 Plantas Diy Home & Garden Plants Looks Like Sakura Japanese Cherry Blooms Flower Pl Seeds

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Product Details
Product Details


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Name: Rare Bonsai Varieties Azalea floresling(108 Plantas) DIY Home& Garden Plants Looks Like Sakura Japanese Cherry Blooms Flower Pl
Quantity: 108 pcs
Latin name: Rhododendron simsii Planch.
Germination temperature: 15-20C
Growth temperature: 15-30 C
Plant height: 20-270
Germination days: 5-15 days
The best sowing seasons: spring, summer, autumn
Flowering time: 9-12 weeks
Flower color: colorful
Packing: OPP simple packaging
Applications: Farm,terrace,garden,living room,study,windows,bedroom,patio.etc
Product Indrotuction:
10 to 15 days to apply a fertilizer, with the amount of self-made fertilizer mixed with the amount of water poured in the roots around, the fertilizer must not be too strong, such as eating is not allowed, rather thinner, otherwise, easy to cause fat injury, but the flowers season is not Need to fertilize, usually combined with foliage water, every 10 days by the way to spray some of the more dilute potassium, nitrogen fertilizer, potassium fertilizer with potassium dihydrogen phosphate, nitrogen fertilizer with urea, for root fertilization. Long leaves of the root of the fertilizer slightly applied a little nitrogen fertilizer, buds early formation, the amount of more than the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to prevent buds into leaf buds.


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