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Product Details


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Name: Hot Sale 100pcs/bag Real Common flower Plant Mixed color Camellia Plant Potted Flowers Bonsai Plant for home garden
Quantity: 100 pcs
Germination time: 15-20 days
For germination temperature: 18-25 Celsius.
Package: 1 Simple Packing
Applications: Balcony, Roof, Garden, Living room, Study, Windows, etc.
Planting instructions:
Seed treatment: camellia seed coat hard, to be treated in order to make the seed germinate quickly tidy. Can use the following approach: First, the seed coat cut with a sharp knife wounds; the second is soaking with warm water 40-50 degrees for half an hour, and then water to soak for 2 to 25 degrees 5 to 6 days, take the bottom as sowing seeds by species; three is 100?g / g of GA solution soak for one day.
Sowing: sowing seeds available pots, the seeds sown in pots, soil thickness 0.5-1cm, spray lightly with a watering can permeable; after sowing, plastic film or glass can be used to cover beds, flower pots, in order to maintain the humidity, a temperature of 18 -25 degrees, and give plenty of light (avoid direct sunlight), adequate ventilation every day, timely removal of weeds, control of soil pests, mildew occurs, use 0.1% of potassium permanganate spray disinfectant. About 15-20 days to germinate.



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