How to Grow Japanese Cucumber Seeds Yourself

How to Grow Japanese Cucumber Seeds Yourself

What Are Japanese Cucumber Seeds?

Japanese cucumber seeds are the fruits created when female flowers (also called flowers or flowers and seeds) are pollinated by male flowers. These seeds are cucumber-like in appearance, though they are smaller and cucumber flowers are absent.

Japanese cucumber seeds look a lot like their cousins, but they are smaller and have a much sweeter flavor. The skin is smooth and the flesh is crunchy and juicy without any bitterness. The seeds are white and light green in color. The seeds are slightly smaller than those of a lemon cucumber, about 3.2 mm long and 1.4 mm wide. They have a thick, almost fleshy-like texture that makes them perfect for pickles.

How to Grow Japanese Cucumber Seeds

Japanese cucumber seeds are a little different from standard cucumber seeds in that they need warmth to sprout, but can be kept away from direct sunlight to avoid becoming scorched or frozen. Seeds can be started indoors 6 weeks before full planting outside, where they can be grown in a wide variety of soil conditions.

Planting cucumber seeds should begin with a simple rule of thumb: sow seeds at the same depth they were growing in their containers. This means that if you were growing them in a pot, they should be planted in the same spot.

You can sow seeds indoors 6 weeks before sowing outdoors. Ideally, the temperature should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). If you don’t have access to a temperature-controlled room, you can also sow your cucumber seeds outdoors in spring.

How to Grow Japanese Cucumber Seeds Yourself

Step by step instructions for growing Japanese cucumber seeds

Select cucumber varieties You will need to decide which Japanese cucumber seeds you want to grow. Some of the most popular varieties include:

Choose the right soil Just like you would with any other vegetable, you will need the right soil to grow Japanese cucumber seeds. This could be a mixture of compost, sand, and well-rotted manure mixed with aged soil. You can also grow your Japanese cucumber seeds in a container with a soil-like mix.

Prepare the soil First, you will need to prepare the soil well enough to receive the seeds. This is usually done by mixing well-rotted manure with good quality soil. If growing your seeds in a container, add some additional soil to create a well-drained area.

Sow the seeds Next, you will need to sow the seeds in the soil or in a container. Ideally, the soil should be lightly moist at the time of sowing the seeds. There are no exact rules for the number of seeds to sow or when to sow them, but a general rule is to sow seeds about 2 to 3 weeks before the first expected spring frost.

Prepare the planting hole The planting hole for growing Japanese cucumber seeds should be about one-third larger than the seed itself.

Place the plants Once the seeds are sown, you can move them indoors or outside depending on the date. If growing indoors, remove the plants from their containers and plant them in pots with well-drained soil and enough sunlight. If outside, place them in a well-drained area with enough sunlight.

Water regularly You can water your Japanese cucumber plants regularly until they begin to produce fruit. Since they are climbing vegetables, they will require a bit more water than other types of vegetables.

Tips and Troubleshooting for Growing Japanese Cucumber Seeds

Sunlight – If you are keeping your cucumbers away from direct sunlight, you will need to be careful about shading your plants. If the leaves start to get too much shade, the cucumbers underneath will start to get dehydrated and wilt.

Planting depth – If you are starting your seeds in pots, you will need to plant them at the same depth they were growing in the pot. If you plant them deeper, they will get too much water because they won’t be able to get out of the way and they will drown.

Containers – If you are growing your cucumber seeds in a container, you will need to keep the soil loose and well-drained. If the soil gets too compacted, your cucumbers will develop root-bound symptoms.

Soil conditions – The soil for growing Japanese cucumber seeds should be slightly on the dry side. If it is too wet, the seeds will rot.

Planting distance – When you plant your seeds, you will need to consider the distance between each seed and the width of the planting space. If you plant them too close, they will compete for the same space and will be crowded by each other. If you plant them too far apart, they will be shaded by other plants and will not receive enough water.


Japanese Cucumber Seeds are small and crunchy cucumber seeds that have a sweet and mild flavor. Like other cucumbers, they grow vines and don’t produce fruit on the vine. Growing Japanese Cucumber Seeds can be done indoors or outdoors and they can be grown in containers or the ground. The best varieties are selected for their sweet flavor and high germination rate.

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