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Product Details

Watkins twisted melon bonsai – melon stir Seasons 10 Watkins twisted melon also known as golden gourd, melon stir seasons , pumpkin , zucchini tie a variant . This melon belong to special dishes , taste like jellyfish , shark fin shape , can be cold, hot dishes, soup, stuffing , shabu-shabu , deep-processed into canned food , convenience dishes. Crosscut knife open clovenfooted into the water boiled or steamed for 3-5 minutes , stirring with chopsticks when eating melon heart Serve wire . Melon flavor crisp , slightly sweet, add seasoning taste delicious , containing a variety of trace elements and minerals, in particular, it contains trigonelline does not have a common melons , can regulate the body’s metabolism, with weight loss , anti-cancer the medicinal effects .
You can QQ: 2632920618 ( Ya Shi Fengming bonsai franchise stores ) or our order hotline 010-88469842 Mobile: 15811218561 contact us! Characteristics: The short vine varieties dwarf , precocious upright , disease resistance, adaptability, who can grow squash can be planted areas , the national appropriate. Growth cycle is about 75 days , height 65 cm , two fruiting plant , fruit weight 2-3 kg 3000-3500 kg per mu , melons and golden brown . Gold gourd cultivation points as follows :
Gold loofah can be planted in spring and autumn , such as protected cultivation all year round . March-April spring sowing , nutrition block or nutritional bowl nursery or nursery bed cover film , the temperature rose after transplanting. Can also be covered with plastic film in mid-April in field cultivation or the end of April to early May planted directly in the field . Fall June-July sowing, planting squash as the same kind of way . Composting manure before planting Mushi 2 m3 ~ 3 m3 , with the nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium. Spacing 40 cm , 50 cm small spacing to 60 cm , large spacing 1 m , acres planted 1500-2000 .
To cover good soil after planting , pour enough water , promote bonsailing early-onset , less watering in the bonsailing stage , multi- cultivator , increase in temperature , and promote root growth , increased to 9-12 when the blade sheet , the plant will enter the fruiting period , at the beginning of fruit stage 1 can be traced nitrogen , 7.5-10 kg of urea per acre . Fertilize or fertilizer in the flowering period. After the first melon harvest 5-7.5 kg of urea per acre can be traced to prevent premature aging production. If the order for the purpose of tender melon harvest in about 10 days after anthesis , when the tender melon in shape, you can harvest market ( consumption method with zucchini, but do not stir wire) , harvesting old melon stir wire will have to be melons pinch with your fingers do not move prevail. The first melons should be harvested , or because the main melon vine conjugation , and the impact of the next melon growth and development. After the melon harvest ripe old can be listed , can be applied flexibly according to market , all sprinkled with lime powder venues, Stand stacking 4-5 layers of the melon can be ventilated, cool, dry place for more than five months .

Gold loofah strong resistance , generally do not have pests, but to prevent the main . Do not use planted plots planted melons ; the bonsai should be disinfected , can Soaking one hour with melons cropping agent or 1,000 times during germination formalin , and then then rinse , soak three hours to 4 hours , dry water , keeping 28 ° ~ 32 °, 12 hours a reminder to grin planted ; melon varieties at high temperature easily stained season complex virus , anthrax and other viral diseases prevention and control is to eliminate aphids mainly found burned removal of diseased plants and with virus A or Zhibingling number and other agents sprayed poison treatment plants not incidence , while adding drug treatment aphids , every 5-7 days for a total of spray 3-4 times can be. bonsai Quality : Purity Clarity Germination rate Moisture Place of origin Date Shelf Life ?98% ?98% ?85% ?8% Tongshan See sealing Years 10 We are professional dro

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