100pcs Gourmet Black Garlic Seeds Rare Variety


100Pcs Rare Black Garlic Seeds
This item: 100pcs Gourmet Black Garlic Seeds Rare Variety

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100Pcs Rare Black Garlic Seeds
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100piece Set Of Unique Black Garlic Seeds For Organic Vegetable Growing

Discover the joy of cultivating your own organic vegetables with our 100-piece set of Unique Black Garlic Seeds. These gourmet seeds are a rare variety, offering garden enthusiasts an exciting new addition to their vegetable growing journey.

Grown in temperate climates, these seeds thrive in well-drained soil under the radiant summer sun. They are perfect for planting in your courtyard mini garden or any outdoor space. This succulent plant is a part of the garlic variety and has the added benefit of being easy to cultivate, making it a fun project for both experienced gardeners and beginners.

The Unique Black Garlic Seeds have the ability to add interest to your garden while also providing a healthy, organic ingredient for your culinary adventures. Known for its rich flavor and countless health benefits, black garlic is a gourmet’s delight. It’s perfect for adding a unique twist to your recipes or just enjoying its unique taste.

How to Plant 100pcs Gourmet Black Garlic Seeds Rare Variety:
1. Soak the seeds in warm water for 4-6 hours for early sprouting.
2. Sow the seeds in the culture soil, covering with 1cm of soil.
3. Keep the soil moist, and you should see budding in 7-8 days.
4. Transplant the seedlings once they have 7-8 leaves.
5. Opt for a light, well-drained soil and increase watering and fertilizing for best results.
6. Proper pruning can increase the fruit set.

So why wait? Delve into the world of organic vegetable growing with our Unique Black Garlic Seeds and experience the satisfaction of harvesting your own gourmet vegetables right from your backyard. Happy gardening!

Planting Essentials:

  • Planting Season: Summer
  • Germination Rate: High, with seeds budding in 7-8 days
  • Grown Plant Size: Varies, can reach heights of 2-3 feet
  • Time to Maturity: Approximately 90 days
  • Soil Type: Prefers light, well-drained soil
  • Watering: Keep soil consistently moist, increase watering during the growing season
  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade
  • Uses: Culinary use, medicinal use, ornamental gardening
  • Deer Resistance: Not typically a target for deer
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Generally resistant to common pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: Plant seeds 6 inches apart in rows 12 inches apart
  • Companion Plants: Pairs well with roses, beans, and peppers
  • Harvesting Instructions: Harvest when leaves begin to yellow and fall over, typically in late summer
  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy, making it suitable for beginners
  • Provides a unique and rich flavor to dishes
  • Known for its numerous health benefits, including immune system boosting and cholesterol control
  • Can be grown in various settings, from outdoor gardens to indoor pots
  • Rare, gourmet variety that adds interest and diversity to any garden

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