Ecofriendly Biodegradable Nursery Pots 100pcs Nonwoven Seedling Grow Bags 4 Sizes


100pcslot 4 Size Biodegradable Nursery Pots Seedling-raising Bags Environmental Protection Non-woven Grow Bag
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100piece Biodegradable Seedling Nursery Pots 4 Sizes Nonwoven Ecofriendly Plant Grow Bags For Environmental Protection

Introducing our Ecofriendly Biodegradable Nursery Pots in a pack of 100 pieces, available in 4 distinct sizes to meet all your seedling needs. These nonwoven plant grow bags, made from ecofriendly plant fiber paper pulp, merge sustainability with functionality for the environmentally conscious gardener.

These pots are designed to nurture your seedlings and small plants, providing a breathable environment that promotes healthy root development. Unlike traditional pots, these nursery bags are biodegradable, meaning they decompose naturally into the soil, reducing waste and contributing to a healthier environment. This feature also eliminates the need for transplanting, as the pots can be planted directly into the ground, minimizing root disturbance and maximizing plant health.

Each bag is not coated, emphasizing its natural, eco-friendly qualities. The material is lightweight yet durable, ensuring your plants receive the care they deserve. The compact package size of 1cm X 1cm X 1cm allows for easy storage when not in use.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our biodegradable nursery pots offer an easy and efficient way to start your plants off right. They provide a nurturing environment for your seedlings, helping them grow into strong, healthy plants. Plus, they’re a fantastic way to support environmental sustainability in your gardening practices.

Incorporate our Ecofriendly Biodegradable Nursery Pots into your gardening routine and experience the joy of planting while caring for our planet.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ecofriendly solution: These nursery pots are made from plant fiber paper pulp, making them biodegradable and thus reducing environmental waste. A great way to incorporate sustainability into your gardening routine.
  • Available in multiple sizes: With 4 distinct sizes available, these bags can cater to a variety of seedlings and small plants. Tailor your choice to your specific gardening needs.
  • Promotes healthy plant growth: The breathable, nonwoven material allows roots to grow healthily, while the ability to plant the bag directly into the ground minimizes root disturbance, leading to stronger plants.
  • Convenient pack size: With 100 pieces per lot, you have ample supply for all your planting needs. The compact package size of 1cm X 1cm X 1cm (0.39in X 0.39in X 0.39in) ensures easy storage.
  • Durable and lightweight: Despite being lightweight, these nursery pots are durable, providing the right support and care for your plants. The uncoated finish emphasizes its natural, eco-friendly qualities.
  • Easy to use: Suitable for both beginner gardeners and seasoned planters. These nursery pots make the process of growing plants from seedlings easy and efficient.
  • Weight and size: Each package weighs 0.108kg (0.24lb.), and the package size is 1cm X 1cm X 1cm (0.39in X 0.39in X 0.39in).

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Plant Fiber

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Paper Pulp

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Nursery Pots

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0.108kg (0.24lb.)

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1cm X 1cm X 1cm (0.39in X 0.39in X 0.39in)