Exotic Durian Fruit Seeds Pack Of 10


10pcs Durian Seeds
This item: Exotic Durian Fruit Seeds Pack Of 10

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10pcs Durian Seeds
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10piece Exotic Durian Tree Seeds For Tropical Fruit Cultivation Farming And Outdoor Landscaping

Experience the thrill of tropical horticulture with our Exotic Durian Fruit Seeds Pack of 10. These seeds are an enticing offer for gardening enthusiasts, offering the chance to cultivate one of the world’s most unique fruits, the durian. Each pack contains 10 durian seeds, suitable for various size pots from mini to large, giving you the flexibility to grow your durian tree as per your convenience.

Durian, often referred to as the ‘King of Fruits’, is a perennial plant thriving in subfrigid climates. The exotic durian tree is a novel plant that can truly enhance your courtyard or outdoor landscaping, adding an enticingly refreshing aura to your surroundings. The cultivation process is very easy, making it a fun and rewarding experience even for novice gardeners.

The durian tree is a succulent plant that showcases its full bloom during the summer. It is also associated with the Cancer constellation, adding a unique astrological touch to your gardening journey. Not just a fruit-bearing plant, the durian tree also adds a decorative touch to your outdoor spaces, much like flower seeds potted plants.

How to Plant Exotic Durian Fruit Seeds Pack Of 10:

1. Start by selecting a pot suitable for your durian seeds.
2. Fill the pot with well-draining soil and make a small hole.
3. Place your durian seed in the hole and cover it with soil.
4. Water the soil thoroughly and place the pot in a sunny location.
5. Ensure the soil stays moist but not soggy.
6. Wait for the durian seed to germinate, which could take a few weeks.
7. Once the seedling is about 4 inches tall, transplant it to a larger pot or directly into your garden.

Get ready to embark on a fascinating gardening journey with our Exotic Durian Fruit Seeds Pack of 10 and add a touch of the tropics to your home.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: The scientific name for the durian is Durio zibethinus.
  • Planting Season: The best time to plant durian seeds is from October to December.
  • Germination Rate: Durian seeds typically have a germination rate of approximately 70% to 80%.
  • Grown Plant Size: A fully grown durian tree can reach up to 40 feet in height.
  • Time to Maturity: Durian trees take about 4 to 5 years to produce fruit after planting.
  • Soil Type: Durian trees prefer well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter.
  • Watering: Water the durian seeds thoroughly but ensure the soil is not soggy.
  • Sunlight: Durian trees need plenty of sunlight, ideally 6-8 hours a day.
  • Uses: Apart from its exotic fruit, the durian tree adds a refreshing and decorative touch to outdoor spaces.
  • Deer Resistance: Durian trees are typically not a preferred food source for deer.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Durian trees are resistant to most common pests and diseases, but regular monitoring is recommended.
  • Spacing Requirements: Durian trees need plenty of space to grow, ideally 20-30 feet apart from other trees.
  • Companion Plants: Durian trees can be planted along with other tropical fruit trees like mango, jackfruit, and rambutan.
  • Harvesting Instructions: Durian fruits are typically harvested when they begin to drop from the tree. They are then allowed to ripen at room temperature.

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