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10pcs Rose Bushes Seeds
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Pack Of 10 Rose Bush Seeds For Landscaping Flower Beds And Patio Decorations

Introducing our 10pcs Quality Rose Bush Seeds! These carefully selected seeds belong to the Novel Plant classification and are designed to beautify your surroundings. Regardless of your experience in gardening, you’ll find these seeds incredibly easy to grow. They are perfect for outdoor planting and can thrive in subtropics climates with full-bloom periods during the summer. The seeds produce blooming plants of varying sizes – mini, small, and medium, making them ideal for landscaping flower beds and decorating patios.

The variety of our pack is the ever-charming Rose, a perennial style plant. Its vibrant blooms will not only add a touch of elegance to your garden but also create a soothing environment in your bedroom. As per astrological beliefs, the Rose Plant is associated with the Virgo constellation, known for its nurturing and dependable qualities.

How to Plant 10pcs Quality Rose Bush Seeds:
1. Choose a well-drained location with plenty of sunlight.
2. Prepare the soil by removing any weeds or grass and loosening it with a garden fork.
3. Sow the seeds about 1/4 inch deep into the soil.
4. Space the seeds about 16-18 inches apart.
5. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and water them gently.
6. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.
7. Once they sprout, water them deeply once a week.

With our 10pcs Quality Rose Bush Seeds, you can expect a blooming and beautiful garden that radiates tranquility. Note that the flowerpot is excluded from the package. Happy Planting!

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Rosa
  • Planting Season: Spring
  • High Germination Rate: 80%
  • Grown Plant Size: Varies between mini, small, and medium
  • Time to Maturity: Approximately 12-16 weeks
  • Soil Type: Adaptable to various soil types but prefer well-drained soil
  • Watering: Requires deep watering once a week. Avoid overwatering
  • Sunlight: Requires full sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours a day
  • Uses: Ideal for landscaping, patio decorations, and indoor plantings
  • Deer Resistance: Roses are not deer-resistant
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Moderate resistance to common pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: 16-18 inches apart for optimal growth
  • Companion Plants: Pairs well with Lavender, Garlic, and Marigolds
  • Harvesting Instructions: Harvest in the morning when the flowers are just starting to open. Cut the stem at the base and place immediately in water
  • Benefit: Creates a soothing environment in your bedroom
  • Benefit: Associated with the nurturing and dependable qualities of the Virgo constellation

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