120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds


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120 Pcs True Ranunculus Bonsai Double Buttercup Flower Home Garden Indoor Bulbs
This item: 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds

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120 Pcs True Ranunculus Bonsai Double Buttercup Flower Home Garden Indoor Bulbs
120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds $14.99
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120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture

Indulge in the sheer delight of horticulture with our 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds. These authentic seeds are perfect for the indoor plant enthusiast looking to add a vibrant dash of color to their home decor.

Our Ranunculus seeds are of the variety that bloom in autumn, promising a burst of beauty amidst the fall foliage. The Ranunculus, also known as the Buttercup Flower, is renowned for its lush, double-petaled blooms that come in a fascinating mix of colors.

Suitable for temperate climates, these seeds are very easy to cultivate, making them an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced gardeners. Whether you want to plant them in your courtyard or use them as outdoor plants for beautifying your surroundings, these seeds are sure to impress.

Despite their exotic appeal, these perennial flowers are incredibly hardy. They are of mixed sizes (mini, large, small, medium), allowing for a stunning display when in full bloom. Please note that these are seeds and not flower bulbs or a canned plant, and a flowerpot is not included in the package.

How to Plant 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds:
1. Choose a suitable location that gets plenty of sunlight.
2. Prepare your soil by making sure it is well-drained.
3. Sow the seeds about 2 inches deep and cover them lightly with soil.
4. Water the seeds gently and keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
5. Wait for the magic to happen and enjoy the growth of your beautiful Ranunculus flowers.

Immerse yourself in the joy of gardening with our 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds. They are not just seeds, but a promise of beauty and tranquility that will transform your indoor or outdoor garden into a botanical haven.

Planting Essentials:

  • Ranunculus
  • Autumn
  • High, with proper care
  • Mini, large, small, medium
  • Typically blooms in the following autumn after planting
  • Well-drained soil
  • Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged
  • Requires plenty of sunlight
  • Ideal for beautifying courtyards, outdoor gardens, and indoor horticulture
  • Moderately deer-resistant
  • Generally resistant to common pests and diseases
  • Space seeds about 2 inches apart
  • Works well with other temperate climate plants
  • Allow flowers to fully bloom before cutting for arrangements, and always leave some flowers on the plant to encourage more growth
  • Easy to cultivate, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced gardeners
  • Mixed colors for a vibrant and varied display of blooms

120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture - 1

120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture - 2

120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture - 3

120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture - 4

120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture - 5

120piece Pack Authentic Double Buttercup Ranunculus Bulbs Ideal For Indoor Horticulture - 6

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52 reviews for 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds

  1. Virgina

    Arrived late but seeds were in decent condition mediocre growth

  2. Bruna

    The 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds arrived later than expected, which was disappointing. The seeds quality was okay, but the overall experience was diminished by the delayed delivery. Just an average product.

  3. Heike

    These ranunculus seeds germinated well producing vibrant beautiful buttercup flowers a great addition to my garden highly recommend for flower enthusiasts

  4. Magan

    Seeds came late, packaging was poor. germination rate not too impressive. needs better quality control.

  5. Miles

    beautiful buttercup seeds delivered super fast! germination was successful, adding color to my garden. highly recommended!

  6. Sang

    these double buttercup ranunculus seeds are fantastic! they sprout beautifully, adding vibrant colors to my garden. great quality, and a lot of seeds for the price.

  7. Elizebeth

    The 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds were okay. Germination was a bit hit and miss, but when they did sprout, they produced some lovely flowers. A decent buy for patient gardeners.

  8. Ashanti

    The 120 Pcs Double Buttercup Ranunculus Seeds are a gardeners dream come true. They arrived swiftly, which was impressive. The seeds are easy to plant and sprout into beautiful, vibrant flowers. Absolutely recommend!

  9. Ena

    The Double Buttercup Ranunculus seeds arrived in good condition and in great quantity. Germination was somewhat inconsistent, but with patience, they bloomed beautifully. A bit of a challenge for novice gardeners, but overall a decent product for those with a green thumb.

  10. Shanita

    great product! the buttercup ranunculus seeds were plentiful and germinated well. delighted with the beautiful blooms. highly recommend for any gardening enthusiasts.

  11. Afton

    Simply beautiful!

  12. Anisha

    These buttercup ranunculus seeds are great! They sprouted beautifully and added a vibrant touch to my garden. Highly recommend for any flower enthusiast.

  13. Anika

    Fast dilvery beautful seeds 5 stars highly recomend

  14. Linette

    fast delivery, great seeds!

  15. Christal

    beautiful double buttercup seeds, they germinate well and produce vibrant, healthy flowers. highly recommended!

  16. Nga


  17. Rachelle

    Beautiful buttercup seeds, they sprouted quickly and added a lovely pop of color to my garden.

  18. Gia

    These Buttercup Ranunculus seeds are amazing. They germinated well and blossomed into beautiful flowers. Totally satisfied, would highly recommend for any garden lovers. Five stars!

  19. Ernie

    great germination rate, vibrant colors. highly recommended for any garden!

  20. Wilbur

    Excellent seeds, beautiful blooms. Customer support was extremely helpful!

  21. Omar

    excellent! these 120 double buttercup seeds are top-quality! easy to plant and the growth rate is astonishing. im no expert gardener but these seeds are foolproof. theyve transformed my garden into a vibrant sea of buttercups.

    the free gift was a pleasant surprise! its a mini gardening tool kit, so handy and practical. made my planting process much simpler. kudos for this thoughtful gesture!

    sory for the typos, im just too excited about my blooming garden!

  22. Dario

    Seeds sprouted beautifully stellar support

  23. Ardelia

    Second purchase, still very satisfied!

  24. Latonya

    Lovely seeds beautifully packaged Great quality

  25. Elnora

    Seeds germinated well, but overall flower growth and bloom was just satisfactory.

  26. Khadijah

    Average quality, decent germination rate.

  27. Mozell

    Excellent quality, vibrant and beautiful.

  28. Adrianne

    These 120 double buttercup ranunculus seeds are a gardeners dream! Theyve received nothing but positive feedback. Truly four-star quality!

  29. Lisa

    The seeds (Buttercup Ranunculus) came late Not all sprouted kinda disappointing Still waiting for more to bloom

  30. Riva

    Absolutely love these buttercup seeds!

  31. Donnetta


  32. Odelia

    Great seeds! These Double Buttercup Ranunculus seeds sprouted beautifully in my garden. The quantity of 120 pieces is generous and I was pleasantly surprised by the high germination rate. The blooms are stunning, bringing a vibrant splash of color that truly brightens up my yard.

    Customer support was also notably helpful. When I had questions about the best conditions for sowing, they were quick to respond and provided detailed, easy-to-understand instructions.

    Overall, Id rate this product with 4 stars – its a wonderful choice for any gardening enthusiast.

  33. Mariko

    Average quality

  34. Mabelle

    These buttercup seeds came in a pack of 120 but sadly, many didnt sprout. Also, the delivery took longer than expected. Not the best experience.

  35. Eleanora

    Stunning ranunculus seeds excellent germination rate trustworthy online shop

  36. Lashonda


  37. Nelle

    Vibrant colors, easy to grow!

  38. Christiane

    Beautiful seeds, sprouted quickly into stunning double buttercup ranunculus. highly recommended!

  39. Coralee

    Excellent product description and specifications, seeds sprouted beautifully into vibrant buttercups. Highly recommended!

  40. Anneliese

    These seeds are exceptional! they sprouted quickly, delivering vibrant, beautiful blooms. the double buttercups added an elegant touch to my garden. high-quality and easy to grow, they exceeded my expectations. highly recommended for gardening enthusiasts.

  41. Palmer

    Lovely ranunculus seeds, grew into beutiful buttercup blooms. highly recommended!

  42. Mae

    These seeds are a delight! They sprouted beautifully, resulting in lush, vibrant buttercup ranunculus. Theyre easy to plant and grow. For flower lovers, this is an absolute 5-star product. Highly recommended for a stunning garden.

  43. Arlean

    great seeds lovely flowers good germination rate highly recommend

  44. Marica

    Excellent quality seeds, produced stunning, vibrant buttercup ranunculus flowers.

  45. Garland

    Great seeds! All sprouted resulting in vibrant, beautiful flowers. Excellent customer support, highly responsive and helpful. Highly recommended for garden enthusiasts.

  46. Shawna

    Great quality seeds, speedy delivery!

  47. Robert

    seeds arrived late, disappointing growth.

  48. Adrian

    Beautiful blooms!

  49. Linette

    Absolutely love these buttercup seeds!

  50. Rafael

    beutiful seeds, grow well!

  51. Shaunta

    Stunning, high-quality seeds!

  52. Kasey

    Great value beautiful blooms

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