50 Pcs Nongmo Diospyros Kaki Persimmon Seeds


50 Pcs Persimmon Plant Diospyros Kaki Non-gmo Delicious Fruit Tree Home Garden Bonsai Sementes Da Fruta Easy Growing
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50piece Nongmo Diospyros Kaki Persimmon Tree Delicious Fruit Bearing Seeds Easy To Grow

Introduce a touch of greenery and the taste of delicious fruit to your home with our 50 piece Diospyros Kaki Persimmon Tree Seeds. These Non-GMO seeds are ideal for outdoor plants, promising the thrill of nurturing a tree from its tender beginnings to its fruit-bearing maturity.

Just imagine the joy of watching your persimmon tree grow in your courtyard and the anticipation of the full-bloom period in summer. Even if you have a Virgo constellation, these seeds are perfectly suited to you, adding a dash of interest to your gardening experience.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert gardener to grow these seeds. They thrive in a temperate climate and are very easy to cultivate, making them the perfect choice for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Whether you prefer to plant them in mini, small, or medium-sized pots, these perennial flowers are a delightful addition to any garden or home.

How to Plant 50 Pcs Nongmo Diospyros Kaki Persimmon Seeds:

1. Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
2. Fill your pot with good quality, well-draining soil.
3. Place the seeds about 1 inch deep into the soil.
4. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and water gently.
5. Place the pot in a location that receives ample sunlight.
6. Keep the soil moist, but avoid overwatering to prevent seed rot.
7. Wait patiently for your seeds to sprout and grow into beautiful fruit-bearing trees.

Note: The flowerpot is excluded in this package. Enjoy the satisfaction of cultivating your own fruit tree with our 50 piece Non-GMO Diospyros Kaki Persimmon Tree Seeds. They are not just seeds, but a wholesome experience waiting to unfold.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Diospyros Kaki
  • Planting Season: Best planted in late winter or early spring
  • Germination Rate: High percentage of germination with seeds sprouting within a few weeks
  • Grown Plant Size: Can grow up to 4.5 to 9 meters tall in maturity
  • Time to Maturity: Fruit-bearing in about 3-4 years from planting
  • Soil Type: Prefers well-draining soil but can tolerate a wide range of soil types
  • Watering: Regular watering is necessary, but avoid overwatering to prevent seed rot
  • Sunlight: Requires ample sunlight, ideal location should have at least 6 hours of direct sun
  • Uses: Excellent for adding a touch of greenery to your home, and the fruits are delicious and nutritious
  • Deer Resistance: Persimmon trees are moderately resistant to deer
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Generally resistant to most pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: Plant each seed about 1 inch deep and at least 15 feet apart from each other to allow for growth
  • Companion Plants: Persimmon trees do not require companion plants, but can be planted near other fruit trees like apple or pear for cross-pollination
  • Harvesting Instructions: Harvest the fruits when they are fully ripe and have a deep orange color. Be careful to not bruise the fruits during harvest

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