Blackberry Bonsais Mulberry Grow Fruit Trees Bonsai Rate When 100pcs

$ 14,99

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Blackberry Bonsais Mulberry Grow Fruit Trees Bonsai Rate When 100pcs
This item: Blackberry Bonsais Mulberry Grow Fruit Trees Bonsai Rate When 100pcs

2 in stock

$ 14,99
$ 14,99
Organic Compound Fertilizer 60 gram
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Blackberry Bonsais Mulberry Grow Fruit Trees Bonsai Rate When 100pcs
Blackberry Bonsais Mulberry Grow Fruit Trees Bonsai Rate When 100pcs $ 14,99
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Mulberry(SÄÂng shèn also read sÄÂng rèn[1] ) ForSankohDeciduous treesMulberryMaturityFruit, Also known as MulberryMulberrySang date , mulberry bubble children , farmers like itMatureOfFresh fruitFood, sweet and juicy , is one of the fruits that people eat . Mature mulberry quality oily, sweet and sour , with a large , flesh, color purple,SugarMinute foot better. Each year from April to JuneFruitMatureTimeHarvest,WashGoImpurities,SeasonAfter a little steam or dry edible , but also to infuse . Specific maturation time around is different, a little earlier the South , a little bit late to the north. Fruit The product is FRUITBy the majority of small DrupeGathered together , oblong , long 2 ~ 3cm, diameter 1.2 ~ 1.8cm. Yellow- brown, reddish brown to dark purple ( after relatively rare mature milky white color ) , with short Infructescences Stem. Small DrupeOval , slightly flat , about 2mm, a width of 1mm, with fleshy outer tepals 4 . Smell sour and sweet . [3] Tree DefoliationShrubs or small trees, 3 ~ 15m. Bark gray, with stripes lobed ; root bark of yellow-brown or reddish yellow , FibrousStrong. Leaf Leaves alternate; Petiole length 1 ~ 2.5cm; leaf blade ovate or broadly ovate, long 6 ~ 20cm, width 4 ~ 10cm, apex acute or acuminate, base rounded or nearly Heart, Margin coarsely toothed or scalloped , sometimes irregular division, hairless above , shiny, short hair on the following vein , axillary hairy, basal veins and veinlets three interwoven into a network, on the back of higher than obvious ; stipules LanceolateEarly fall . Flower Flowers unisexual, Dioecious; Male and female InflorescenceAre arranged in a spike Catkins inflorescence, Axillary ; female inflorescence length 1 ~ 2cm, coat, peduncle length of 5 ~ 10mm; male inflorescence length 1 ~ 2.5cm, drooping slightly by fine hairs ; male flowers with 4 tepals , stamens 4 , the central infertility Pistil; Female flowers with tepals 4 , at base , stigma 2-lobed. Drupe, Most densely into an oval or oblong FRUITLength 1 ~ 2.5cm, when the first fruits of the green , mature become fleshy, dark purple or red , bonsais small , flowering from March to May , the fruit of five to six months. Mulberry , also known as mulberry , mulberry sugarcane , mulberry dates, mulberry , black mulberry , etc. , in order to plant mulberry Sankoh ‘s ear . When mulberry tender green color , Pickle , purple black color when mature , juicy , sweet. Ripe mulberry fruit nutritious, per 100 grams of water containing 81.8 grams of mulberry , Protein1.8 grams , 0.3 grams of fat . Cellulose4.9 g , Carbohydrates10 g , Ash1.2 g , Carotene30 micrograms, Thiamine0.02 mg, Riboflavin0.06 mg of vitamin E6.95 mg, Potassium33 mg, Zinc0.27 mg, Copper0.08 mg, Selenium4.8 micrograms. In addition , it also contains Tannin, Malic acid, Vitamin CAnd Fatty acidAnd so on. Its FatMainly Linoleic, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, StearicAnd a small amount Bitter, Azelaic acid, Decanoate, Myristate, Linolenic acid . Chinese medicine believes that the mulberry kidney tonic , nourishing yin , Wind, with indications palpitations, insomnia, DizzinessTinnitus , constipation , night sweats, scrofula , bad joints and other illnesses. Mulberry improve skin ( including the scalp ) blood supply , nutrition, skin , skin white and tender and UFA and other effects, and can Aging. Mulberry is elderly fitness beauty , Anti-AgingGood fruit and medicine. Eat mulberry can improve eyesight , relieve EyeSymptoms of fatigue dry . Mulberry immune role. Mulberry on the spleen weight gain effect on enhancement of hemolytic reactions , prevents the body ArterySclerosis, SkeletonJoint sclerosis, promote metabolism. It can promote blood red CellGrowth , prevent LeukocyteReduction , and treatment of diabetes , anemia , Hypertension, High cholesterol, Coronary heart disease, Neurasthenia and other diseases have a secondary effect . Mulberry has a thirst , promote digestion, help defecation and other effects, moderate consumption can promote gastric secretion, stimulate PeristalsisAnd relieve hot flashes . Chinese medicine believes that the mulberry sweet cold, with liver, kidney , intestines and fluid , UFA eyesight and other effects . start Vegetable planting balcony pot spent four seasons …US $0.21 Direct bonsai loquat loquat bonsai wooden five-sta…US $0.20 fruit bonsais – mini red meat watermelon 10 pcs Ve…US $0.23 Omphacite melon bonsais 20 pcs selling health vege…US $0.20 Christa Wang melon bonsais 20 pcs organic vegetabl…US $0.26 Potted seasonal fruit garden natural health Mulber…US $0.26 fruit bonsais mini – meat watermelon 10 pcs Vegeta…US $0.23 Jingyu white melon bonsais 20 pcs meteor organic v…US $0.16 AMERICAN BLUEBERRY Fruit bonsais BLUEBERRY Fruit …US $0.30 Rare Passiflora Parritae bonsais 10pcs / Pack(bai…US $0.22end

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