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Fresh 200pcs Dichondra Repens Lawn Bonsai Money Grass Hanging Decorative Garden Plants Do Flower Flores F
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200pcs Fresh Dichondra Repens Lawn Money Grass Decorative Hanging Greens Flowering Flores F

Introducing our fresh 200pcs Dichondra Repens Lawn Money Grass Seeds – the perfect addition to your garden. These decorative hanging greens, also known as ‘Flores F’, will transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, tropical oasis.

Belonging to the happy farm classification, these blooming plants serve a dual purpose. Not only do they add a touch of beauty to your garden, but they also purify the air around them for a healthier environment. They thrive in tropical climates and are in full bloom during the summer, adding a vibrant touch to your garden in the warmer months.

Despite their exotic appeal, the Dichondra Repens is very easy to cultivate, making them a great choice for both gardening novices and seasoned green thumbs. They are perennial, meaning they will return year after year to enhance your outdoor space. You can also place them on office desks for a touch of nature in your work environment.

The Dichondra Repens Money Grass can be grown in various sizes, from mini to medium, based on your preference. And for those born under the Taurus constellation, these plants are especially favourable.

How to Plant Dichondra Repens Money Grass Seeds 200pcs:

1. Choose a location with well-drained soil and good sunlight.
2. Prepare the soil by removing all the weeds and loosening it up with a garden fork.
3. Spread the seeds evenly over the soil.
4. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and water gently.
5. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.
6. Once the plants are established, water as needed based on the weather.

Remember, the flowerpot is excluded, so you’re free to choose one that matches your garden’s decor. Revamp your garden today with our 200pcs Dichondra Repens Lawn Money Grass Seeds and enjoy a lush, tropical atmosphere right at home.

– Latin Name: Dichondra Repens
– Planting Season: Spring/Summer
– High Germination Rate: Over 80%
– Grown Plant Size: Can be grown in mini, small, or medium size
– Time to Maturity: 1-2 months
– Soil Type: Well-drained
– Watering: Keep soil moist until seeds germinate, then water as needed
– Sunlight: Full sun or partial shade
– Uses: Decorative hanging greens, air purification, outdoor and indoor plants
– Deer Resistance: High
– Pest and Disease Resistance: High
– Spacing Requirements: Space seeds evenly over soil
– Companion Plants: Works well with other tropical plants
– Harvesting Instructions: No specific harvesting required, as these are primarily decorative plants
– Easy Cultivation: Great for gardening novices and green thumbs alike
– Perennial: Returns year after year to enhance your outdoor space
– Suitable for Indoor Use: Can be placed on office desks for a touch of nature in the work environment
– Flowerpot not included: Choose a pot that matches your garden’s decor
– Applicable Constellation: Especially favourable for those born under the Taurus constellation

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