The 7 Best Vegetable Seed Brands for Your Garden

The 7 Best Vegetable Seed Brands for Your Garden

Buy Vegetable Seeds from a Garden Center

We’re going to focus on buying vegetable seeds from a garden center because that’s the most convenient option, but you can also find some vegetable seeds online — though not as many as you can find at a garden center. When you buy vegetable seeds from a garden center, you can count on finding a diverse selection of seeds at a competitive price.
When you buy vegetable seeds from a garden center, you’ll need to make sure you buy the right variety. Different vegetables have different growing requirements. So, when you’re at the garden center, find out which vegetables they have available and which ones they’re selling. Know what varieties are in-season and which are at their best right now.

Next, find a friend who will help you decipher the different packaging and get the right seed. Some varieties are sold in flats with paper labels, while others come in envelopes with codes on the outside. Make sure you get the right one.
Finally, once you’ve got the right variety, buy the remaining supplies you’ll need to get started: the starter packet of seeds, growing seeds or peat pots, a soil mix, and a light—all of which are usually inexpensive, so there’s no reason not to buy them.

Buy Vegetable Seeds from a Specialty Seed Company

This option is best for gardeners who are serious about growing vegetables. When you buy vegetable seeds from a specialty seed company, you can be sure that the seeds are pure and the variety is exactly what you want. That’s because a seed company does the research and finds only the best seeds for each variety.
Specialty seed companies sell vegetable seeds in many different ways. Some sell only seeds, while others sell both seeds and growing supplies. The amount you’ll pay will depend on how you buy them: if you buy seeds in bulk, you’ll pay a higher price per pound; but, if you buy them in smaller quantities (such as 25 to 50 at a time), the cost per seed is usually lower.
The best way to buy vegetable seeds is to go to a specialty seed company’s website, find the varieties you want, see their prices, and buy the seeds you need. You can also buy vegetable seeds from a specialty seed company’s online store.

The 7 Best Vegetable Seed Brands for Your Garden

Grow your own vegetable seeds

If you’d like to grow your own vegetable seeds, but don’t have the time, space, or know-how, you can still find vegetable seeds that are bred for home gardeners. These seeds come from breeders who hand-select only the healthiest seed from their best plants.
These seeds are usually sold in small quantities, so you may need to join a seed-swapping group to find them. You can also buy them from a local garden center.
You can also buy vegetable seeds that are bred for easy growing from a seed company. These seeds are bred for shorter growth times and are often bred for an outdoor climate or a shorter season. These varieties are grown specifically for indoor gardens.

Buy Vegetable Seeds from Local Plant Shops

If you want to buy vegetable seeds in bulk, and don’t mind the low price, try your local garden center. They’ll probably have some really cheap vegetable seeds. Some will even be open-pollinated seeds, which are much cheaper than hybrid vegetable seeds because they are not bred to withstand the same pesticides as hybrid seeds.
You can also find seed shops in your area. Some cities have seed exchanges, where members bring seeds from home and share them with other members of the group.
If you can’t find a local plant shop or seed exchange, you can also order vegetable seeds online.

Bottom line

Which method is best for you depends on your budget, your timing, and the availability of the seeds you’re looking for. Buy vegetable seeds from a garden center if you can find them at a discount and you’re okay with a limited selection. If you’re willing to pay more for a specific variety, you can find that variety only from a specialty seed company. If you want to grow your own seeds, you can find them at a local garden center or seed shop. And, if you want to buy vegetable seeds online, you can find a variety of seed types, including heirloom vegetable seeds, organic vegetable seeds, and vegetable seeds for beginners. Whatever your choice, make sure to choose the best vegetable seeds for your garden and your location.

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