100pcs Particles Mother’s Day Carnation Seeds Flower Seed Multicolored Of Ornamental Plants

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Product Details
Product Details

Description: Carnation Seeds
Specification:50 pcs
Function:Beautifying/ Interest
Plant Form:Seeding
Cultivating Difficulty Degree:Regular
Sunlight:Partial Shade

1. Various and colorful carnation to bring a vivid atmosphere.
2. Plants have lush green leaves to create natural environment.
3. Plant in your yard, in porch or patio planters, by the pool or driveway.
4. Air purification, interests and beautifying.
5. Easy to grow and long blossom stage.

Planting Method:
1. Cutting selection: Choose plants that are free from pests and diseases, grow robustly, and closely inter-nodes, and have 3 to 4 pairs of spreading leaves and 1 pair of unfolded leaves. The population cutting rate is less than 10%.
2. The cuttings are taken: The cuttings are generally taken at the same time as the buds of carnations. Cuttings should be carried out according to standards. When harvesting, shoots should be picked by hand instead of scissors to avoid cross-infection of the virus. The base should be slightly covered with the main cortex, but the mother branch should not be damaged, and 4 to 5 tips of the top blade of the cutting should be retained. After finishing the bundles, immerse in clean water for 30 minutes so that the cuttings suck enough water. The section should be close to the inter-nodes and treated with growth regulators in order to increase the survival rate and gardening rate.
3, cuttings storage: storage cuttings can provide a great convenience for the whole year nursery and balanced flowering throughout the year, and can be a one-time batch operation, save manpower and resources, storage temperature 1 ~ 2 C, and the smaller the smaller the better, It is best to within 1C, dehydrate before storage, and use ultra-thin plastic film for cuttings.
4, cutting time: generally should avoid hot summer 7 to 8 months, requiring good cutting quality, the use of larger particles of per-lite as a cutting mother material, good water quality, cutting bed for the desktop.
5, cutting method: When inserting the media to 1 cm is appropriate, deep insertion in summer, generally 1.5 to 2 cm. After the cutting is completed, the water should be sprayed. The control should not be too wet afterwards to avoid rot.
6. Cutting management: Intermittent spraying facilities should be provided in the slotting machine, and the amount of spray should be controlled so that the blades just wet. If there is no spraying, a plastic film is needed. After 1 week, use a curtain, but do not shave it too much to prevent leggy. When the cuttings were 1 cm in length, they were transplanted, taking care to minimize root damage.

Package includes:
50 PCS ?Carnation seeds

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