200 Pcs Red Lips Flower Bonsai Flowering Pots Japanese Home Garden Chili Perennial Plants Seeds

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Product Details
Product Details

1000 pcs Rare strawberry plants, giant strawberry Organic fruit flores vegetables Non-GMO bonsai pot for home garden planta
USD 0.38-0.99/lot

300pcs Raspberry plants Mixed Colors Super Big Raspberry Fruit plants Rare Wild Strawberry Tree plants Flowers Bonsai For Garden
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Hot Sale! 10 pcs 100% Genuine Bonsai hydrangea paniculata ‘Vanilla Fraise’ ,Hydrangea bonsai flower planta for home garden
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100 pcs Rainbow Cherry Belle Radish Bonsai 100% Real Organic Vegetable Bonsai,Strong Adaptability, Rich Nutrition Four seasons
USD 0.38-0.98/lot

2000Pcs 100% Genuine Black and red Goji Berry Chinese Wolfberry Bonsai Herbs Bonsai Potted Plant Home Garden Outdoor House Plant
USD 1.15-3.29/lot

100 pcs Bonsai Sansevieria trifasciata Prain Rare Tiger flower succulent plants Succulent Purifying air potted plants
USD 0.95-1.08/lot

100 pcs Bonsai Hosta Plants Perennials Indoor Flower Shade Hosta Flower Grass bonsai Ornamental potted Plants Home Garden
USD 0.62-0.78/lot

200 pcs Bonsai Hyacinth, Perennial Hyacinth potted plant, Indoor Plant Easy Grow In Pots, Bonsai plant flower for home garden
USD 0.72-0.86/lot

1000 Pcs Sweet Pepper Bonsai Colorful Mix High Quality Sweet Bell Pepper Bonsai Vegetables Paprika Home Garden Bonsai Plants
USD 0.25-1.58/lot

100 pcs Two-color Red White Univalve Geranium bonsai Perennial Flower bonsai Pelargonium Peltatum bonsai for Indoor Rooms
USD 0.67-0.79/lot

100 Pcs Tree Bonsai Rare Evergreen Colorado Blue Spruce Bonsai Picea Pungens Glauca Good For Growing In Pots Flower Pot Planters
USD 0.70-0.86/lot

10 Pcs Mini Sakura Bonsai Flower Cherry Blossoms Tree Like Azalea Flower Rhododendron Bonsai Plants For Home & Garden Bonsai
USD 1.06-1.20/lot

100 pcs Rare Japan Echinacea Purpurea bonsai beautiful daisy flower plants home garden easy to grow Indoor bonsai flower flores
USD 0.38-0.97/lot

20 Pcs Giant Fresh Papaya Bonsai Natural Organic Fruit Tree Bonsai Perennial Potted Plants for Home Garden Spring Farm Supplies
USD 0.70-0.90/lot


Product name:

Novel Plant! 101 Pcs/Bag Red Lips Flower bonsai Rare Flowering Pots bonsais Japanese Home Garden Chili Red Flower Perennial Plants

Product Details:
Germination time: 10-15 days
For germination temperature: 15-20 Celsius.
Package: 1 PP Simple Packaging
Applications: Balcony, garden, living room, study, windows, office, etc.

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100Pc Fresh Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper Planting bonsais Super Hot chili bonsai plants home garden Perennial Non-GMO Vegetable
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100 Pcs 100% True Europe Primula Acaulis Bonsai Primrose Indoor Bonsai Flower Plants For Home Garden Planting Tropical Flower
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100 pcs Black Orchid flower bonsai Cymbidium bonsai rare perennial indoor orchis flowers potted plants for home garden planting
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200 pcs Giant Allium giganteum onion bonsai beautiful purple flower plants home garden flowers, Perennial Non-GMO Plant Pot
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