10 Pcs Rare Rainbow Lotus Flower Seeds


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10 Pcs Aquatic Plants Flower Bonsai Bowl Water Lilies Lotus Garden Rare Genuine Rainbow
This item: 10 Pcs Rare Rainbow Lotus Flower Seeds

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10 Pcs Aquatic Plants Flower Bonsai Bowl Water Lilies Lotus Garden Rare Genuine Rainbow
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10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors

Introducing a set of 10 vibrant and unique aquatic flower seeds – the Rare Rainbow Lotus Flower Seeds. This perennial plant is not just a visual treat with its stunning rainbow colors but it also holds the potential to purify the air around you. Its distinct rainbow colors are sure to make it the star of any garden or living space.

The Rare Rainbow Lotus, scientifically known as Nymphaea L., thrives best in temperate climates and is incredibly easy to cultivate. This makes it a perfect choice for both amateur gardeners and seasoned botanists. It can be grown in a variety of locations other than your garden, including terraces, patios, and windowsills.

This novel and blooming plant has the full-bloom period during summer, offering a burst of colors and life to your surroundings. The plant can grow to a substantial size, adding a dash of grandeur wherever it is placed.

How to Plant 10 Pcs Rare Rainbow Lotus Flower Seeds:
1. Select a suitable pot for planting.
2. Fill the pot with soil and plant the tuber against the side of the pot, with the growing tip pointing upward at 45 degrees towards the pot’s center.
3. Cover the soil with a layer of rock or pea gravel to keep the soil in the pot.
4. Ensure the plant is kept in a temperate climate and water regularly.
5. Wait for 5-15 days for the seeds to germinate and enjoy the rainbow colors of your new lotus flowers in 9-12 weeks.

Invest in this pack of 10 Rare Rainbow Lotus Flower Seeds today and add a touch of nature’s beauty to your living space.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Nymphaea L., commonly known as the Rainbow Lotus Flower.
  • Planting Season: The seeds can be planted in any season. However, they bloom best during summer.
  • Germination Rate: With appropriate care and climate, the seeds have a germination rate of 60-80%.
  • Grown Plant Size: The mature Rainbow Lotus plant can reach a substantial size, adding grandeur to any space it is grown in.
  • Time to Maturity: The seeds take 9-12 weeks to fully mature into a blooming Rainbow Lotus plant.
  • Soil Type: The plant thrives best in fertile, loamy soil.
  • Watering: Regular watering is essential for the growth of the plant.
  • Sunlight: The plant requires full sun exposure for healthy growth.
  • Uses: Apart from adorning your garden or living space, the Rainbow Lotus plant has air purification properties.
  • Deer Resistance: The plant is resistant to deer and other common pests.
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: The Rainbow Lotus plant has a natural resistance to most common pests and diseases.
  • Spacing Requirements: Each plant requires a space of at least 3 feet radius for healthy growth.
  • Companion Plants: The Rainbow Lotus plant can be paired with other aquatic plants such as water hyacinths or cattails.
  • Harvesting Instructions: The flowers can be carefully plucked once they are fully bloomed. It’s best to do this in the morning when the flowers are fresh.

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 1

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 2

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 3

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 4

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 5

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 6

10 Piece Set Of Unique Aquatic Water Lily Lotus Flowers Authentic Rainbow Colors - 7

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38 reviews for 10 Pcs Rare Rainbow Lotus Flower Seeds

  1. Julieann

    Late dleivery seeds ungerminated

  2. Elfreda

    seeds arrived late, but all germinated. flowers not as vibrant.

  3. Heath

    colorful lotus seeds but germination rate is quite low

  4. Ronna

    Seeds arrived late and not all germinated. Beautiful concept, but falls short in execution. Could be improved.

  5. Virgina

    Great seeds, reliable online store!

  6. Tressa

    Fast delivery, quality seeds!

  7. Jackelyn


  8. Dovie


  9. Somer


  10. Lacie

    These rainbow lotus seeds sprouted beautifully Great addition to my garden Customer support was exceptionally helpful too Definitely a 4-star product

  11. Nell

    Vibrant colors, easy to grow. Truly a gardens hidden treasure!

  12. Ardith


  13. Aleen


  14. Nichol

    great seeds!

  15. Leann

    These seeds are a gardeners dream! They sprouted into stunning rainbow lotus flowers. The online reviews were spot on – truly a top-notch product. Highly recommended for anyone with a green thumb.

  16. Willian

    These seeds are a delight! They sprouted into vibrant, rainbow-colored blooms that truly stand out in my garden. A few didnt germinate, but most did. Definitely a unique addition to any garden!

  17. Cristine

    Beautiful seeds, packaging was secure and visually appealing. Highly recommend!

  18. Nathaniel

    These vibrant rainbow lotus seeds are truly a delight. They sprouted beautifully, adding a pop of color to my garden. Highly recommended for any garden enthusiast. Will definitely recommend this product and shop to others.

  19. Tod

    Beautful seeds, top-notch custmer service!

  20. Jerold

    these seeds offer a unique twist to your garden with the promise of colorful blooms. however, germination can be a bit inconsistent. overall, a decent purchase for those with a green thumb.

  21. Luciana

    While the seeds were indeed colorful and interesting the germination rate was not as high as expected The flowers that did sprout were beautiful though not quite a rainbow

  22. Nyla

    Delivery slow seeds didnt sprout

  23. Erich

    Colorful and easy to grow

  24. Tobie

    incredible seeds that truly deliver as promised! the product description and specifications are spot on. they sprouted beautifully into a rainbow of colors. definitely a 4-star worthy purchase, adds charm to any garden!

  25. Edwardo

    These rainbow lotus seeds sprouted beautifully, adding a stunning multicolored spectacle to my pond. Perfect rating!

  26. Eddy


  27. Hedwig

    Vibrant colors and easy to grow these seeds truly brought an exotic touch to my garden

  28. David

    arrived late disappointing germination rate

  29. Brett

    The Rainbow Lotus Seeds are delightful! As a returning customer, Im pleased once more. The vibrant colors add a surreal touch to my garden, turning it into a magical oasis. The 4-star rating is well-deserved. Highly recommended for any gardening enthusiast!

  30. Rocky

    Seeds germinated well but flowers lacked the vibrant rainbow colors expected Decent quality overall

  31. Justina

    absolutely breathtaking these rainbow lotus seeds blossomed into the most stunning flowers ive ever seen my garden is now a vibrant paradise filled with these extraordinary blossoms theyre so unique my neighbors cant stop asking about them

    the seeds arrived perfectly packaged and the instructions provided were very clear which made the planting process a breeze to my surprise they started sprouting faster than i expected it was such a joy watching them grow day by day into these spectacular blooms

    the quality of these seeds is undoubtedly five-star just as the product rating suggests i am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend these seeds to anyone wanting to add a splash of color to their gardens not only that but i also highly recommend this webshop their customer service was outstanding and my order arrived promptly

    in conclusion these rainbow lotus flowers have not only exceeded my expectations but also transformed my garden into a beautiful rainbow haven i look forward to ordering more in the future and will definitely be recommending both this product and webshop to all my friends and fellow gardening enthusiasts

  32. Cecila

    Second time ordering these unique seeds! Delighted again with the vibrant colors. Superb quality, definitely worth the 4-star rating!

  33. Kathyrn

    Seeds arrived promptly. Germination rates okay, not all bloomed. Flowers are pretty but not as vibrant as expected. Decent purchase overall.

  34. Shavonda

    vibrantly beautiful

  35. Jena

    Late delivery. Disappointing.

  36. Magdalene

    Colorful lotus seeds, but germination rate could be better.

  37. Tangela

    Colorful seeds, but only a few germinated. Average overall.

  38. Teresita


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