100 Pcs Chinese Coleus Seeds Vibrant Mini Foliage


100 Pcs Chinese Bonsai Coleus Foliage Plants Perfect Color Houseplants Mini Garden Watch Plante
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100 Pieces Vibrant Chinese Coleus Foliage Perfect Indoor Decorative Miniature Watch Plante

Brighten up your indoor or outdoor space with our 100 Pieces Vibrant Chinese Coleus Foliage. These miniature houseplants, also known as Watch Plante, offer a burst of color and life into any setting.

Perfect for windowsills or a balcony garden, this collection of foliage plants features an array of stunning colors, and they are easy to care for, making them a perfect choice for beginners. The coleus seeds are suitable for temperate climates, and regardless of their size – mini, medium, large, or small – their beauty is constant.

Cultivating the Chinese Coleus is a breeze, even for non-green thumbs. These plants are annuals, meaning they complete their life cycle in one growing season and are ready to be replanted the next. The joy of seeing your vibrant foliage grow from seed to full bloom in Autumn is unmatched!

Whether you’re a Capricorn or not, you’ll find immense satisfaction in nurturing these Happy Farm classified plants. They’re not just for embellishing your space; they’re also perfect for gifting to friends and family. Share the joy of gardening today with these exquisite Chinese Coleus Seeds!

How to Plant 100 Pcs Chinese Coleus Seeds Vibrant Mini Foliage:
1. Choose a suitable location with good sunlight.
2. Spread the seeds evenly over a pot of well-drained soil.
3. Lightly cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil.
4. Water gently to avoid washing away the seeds.
5. Maintain moist soil until germination, which typically occurs in 10-14 days.
6. Once your Coleus plant is established, water when the soil feels dry to touch.
7. Enjoy the vibrant colors of your Chinese Coleus Foliage!

Please note: The flowerpot is excluded from this purchase.

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