Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds 100 Pcs


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100 Pcs Pack Passion Flower Flores Vine Fruit Passiflora Bonsai Plant Plantas Diy Home Garden Organic Tropical Seeds
This item: Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds 100 Pcs

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100 Pcs Pack Passion Flower Flores Vine Fruit Passiflora Bonsai Plant Plantas Diy Home Garden Organic Tropical Seeds
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100piece Tropical Passion Flower Vine Fruit Passiflora Organic Seeds For Diy Landscaping

Introducing our pack of 100 Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds, perfect for those who love DIY landscaping and gardening. These seeds are your ticket to creating a tropical paradise in your own backyard or even indoors. Passiflora, also known as Passion Flower, is an exotic vine known for its unique and stunning flowers, followed by a delicious, tropical fruit. These seeds are 100% original, non-GMO, and organic, making them a perfect addition to any eco-friendly garden.

Our Passiflora seeds promise a high germination rate within 10-15 days at a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius. They’re great for sprucing up a variety of spaces, whether it’s your balcony, living room, study, or office. Moreover, these seeds also purify the air around them, adding to their list of benefits.

Furthermore, growing these plants isn’t just about the aesthetic appeal; it’s also a rewarding hobby. With our Passiflora seeds, you can cultivate your own tropical fruit, adding an interesting and delicious component to your home garden.

How to Plant Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds 100 Pcs:
1. Choose a well-drained sandy soil.
2. Mix the soil with ash and water.
3. Sow the seeds uniformly and slightly cover them with soil.
4. Water the planted seeds.
5. Place in a warm environment with a temperature of 15-20 degrees.
6. Wait for 10-15 days for germination.

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or an eco-warrior, our Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds are a fantastic addition to your garden. Experience the joy of growing your own tropical fruit and enjoy the beauty these vines bring. Order your pack today and start your journey towards a greener, more beautiful home.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Passiflora
  • Planting Season: Spring
  • High Germination Rate: 80-90% within 10-15 days at a temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius
  • Grown Plant Size: Medium
  • Time to Maturity: 60-80 days
  • Soil Type: Well-drained sandy soil
  • Watering: Regular watering, but do not allow the soil to become soggy
  • Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Uses: Can be used for DIY Landscaping, Home Decoration, and Fruit Production
  • Deer Resistance: High
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: High resistance to common pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: Space plants 1-2 feet apart
  • Companion Plants: Compatible with most common garden plants
  • Harvesting Instructions: Harvest when the fruit is fully ripe, usually marked by a deep purple color
  • Air Purification: These plants are known to purify the air, making your home healthier
  • Ease of Cultivation: These plants are very easy to grow, making them perfect for beginners
  • Organic: These seeds are 100% organic and non-GMO, making them eco-friendly
  • Exotic Appeal: Passiflora vines are exotic and unique, adding a tropical flair to your garden

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100piece Tropical Passion Flower Vine Fruit Passiflora Organic Seeds For Diy Landscaping - 2

100piece Tropical Passion Flower Vine Fruit Passiflora Organic Seeds For Diy Landscaping - 3

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100piece Tropical Passion Flower Vine Fruit Passiflora Organic Seeds For Diy Landscaping - 5

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48 reviews for Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds 100 Pcs

  1. Ernestina

    Decent seeds, but germination and growth rate could be better.

  2. Donette

    Fast delivery, high-quality seeds. Very pleased with the product. Recommended!

  3. Glenna

    Arrived late, seeds are okay, but growth is underwhelming.

  4. Monica

    The Passiflora Vine Seeds are decent. They germinate well but growth can be slow. For patient gardeners seeking an exotic touch, theyre a fair choice.

  5. Buster

    luv these seeds! my passiflora vine is blooming with tropical fruits. super organic n healthy, easy to grow. top-quality! deserves 5 stars, totally.

  6. Zena

    These Passiflora Vine Fruit Organic Tropical Seeds are fantastic! They sprouted quickly and are growing well. The packaging was also secure. Though patience is required, the delightful flowers and fruits are worth the wait. Highly recommend!

  7. Jacquline

    These Passiflora Vine seeds offer a unique gardening experience, but germination can be tricky. Ideal for green thumbs seeking a tropical challenge.

  8. Jerica

    Great seeds, superb customer support!

  9. Alene

    Great seeds All germinated and thriving Custumer support was super helpful with planting tips Highly recomended for tropical fruit lovers

  10. Chere

    The Passiflora Vine Fruit seeds sprouted well, but growth was slower than expected. Quality organic seeds but patience is needed for optimal results.

  11. Eusebia

    Decent seeds, but germination rate could be better.

  12. Karri

    Late delivery, seeds seem okay.

  13. Merry

    These passiflora vine fruit organic tropical seeds are fantastic! they germinated quickly and thrived in my garden. the fruits are juicy and delicious. a great buy for anyone interested in growing their own tropical fruit. highly recommend!

  14. Sana

    Amazing seeds Grew into beautiful passiflora vines with vibrant healthy fruits Highly recommend for organic gardening

  15. Krissy

    great product seeds germinated quickly plants are thriving beautifully

  16. Fran

    Great seeds, quick delivery!

  17. Marketta

    Absolutely love these quality seeds!

  18. Stacee

    second time ordering these organic tropical seeds once again satisfied with the great quality healthy vines bearing tasty passion fruits solid 4 stars

  19. Marylouise

    These organic tropical seeds are simply amazing Having ordered before Im again satisfied with the quality of the Passiflora vine fruits they produce Highly recommended for any gardener Solid 4-star product

  20. Karine

    Great quality tropical seeds!

  21. Pat

    Great product! organic seeds sprouted quickly. online reviews praise its high germination rate.

  22. Tomeka

    Decent seeds, average growth rate.

  23. Kristopher

    These organic tropical seeds sprouted into beautiful Passiflora vines bearing bountiful fruits. The 100-pc pack offers great value. Also, the customer support team was extremely helpful in providing planting tips. A fabulous 4-star product for any gardening enthusiast!

  24. Shenita

    These organic seeds are top-notch germination rate was high and the resulting fruit was simply delicious the tropical vines added beauty to my garden highly recommend for any gardening enthusiast

  25. Leana

    good seeds, growth slow but fruits are tasty and organic.

  26. Torrie

    Great seeds!

  27. Diana

    These organic tropical seeds are amazing! I got 100 pcs and each one sprouted into beautiful Passiflora vines. The quality is top-notch, realy pure organic. A must-try for any garden lover!

  28. Roosevelt

    These organic seeds are a great buy! They germinated well and are now thriving vines. The tropical fruits are a delightful addition to my garden. A true value for money, especially for those with a green thumb. Rated four stars due to slightly slow delivery.

  29. Miguel

    Great seeds, free gift appreciated!

  30. Sharleen


  31. Jame

    Great seeds!

  32. Emeline

    Great, germination success!

  33. Cayla

    Excellent quality seeds!

  34. Jacquie

    Excellent seeds, superb packaging!

  35. Deon

    Simply perfect for home gardening!

  36. Maurita

    These organic seeds are fantastic! They sprouted into lovely vines bearing gorgeous, tropical fruit. The fast delivery was a delightful surprise too. A solid 4-star product for any gardening enthusiast!

  37. Henry

    Simply outstanding!

  38. Minnie

    Great germination rate, highly recommended!

  39. Elnora

    These organic tropical seeds sprout beautifully The packaging is eco-friendly and very well done Definitely recommend for exotic gardening enthusiasts

  40. Nakita

    Great quality seeds, yielded beautiful and fruitful vines!

  41. Sachiko

    The seeds arrived later than expected which was disappointing. However, the packaging was secure and none were damaged. The germination rate has been poor so far, making the overall experience just average. I hope for better results in the future.

  42. Tessie

    these organic tropical seeds are okay but not perfect. germination rate was lower than expected but the passiflora vine that did grow bore beautiful fruit. could be improved for better satisfaction.

  43. Scot

    these organic tropical seeds are fantastic for growing your own passiflora vine fruit. easy to sow with a good germination rate. id definitely recommend these seeds and the webshop to gardening enthusiasts. 4/5 stars.

  44. Jenise

    Really happy with my second order of these organic tropical seeds The Passiflora Vine fruits are growing beautifully in my garden Excellent 4-star product highly recommend for any garden enthusiasts out there

  45. Marin

    loved the free gift, thanks!

  46. Mauricio

    Excellent seeds Germination rate was high and delivery was incredibly fast Very satisfied with this organic product Highly recommended for tropical gardening enthusiasts

  47. Tiana

    Excellent quality!

  48. Yan

    These organic tropical vine seeds sprouted into gorgeous fruitful passiflora plants Highly recommended

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