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20 Pcs Garden Blue Bamboo Tree Perennial Bonsai Plant Pots Planters Purifying Flores Outdoor Easy Grow
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20piece Set Of Blue Bamboo Trees Perennial Easygrow Airpurifying Greenery For Patios And Balconies

Create your own lush green oasis with our 20-piece set of Blue Bamboo Trees! These perennial plants are not only a vibrant addition to your garden, but also function as a natural air purifier, enhancing the quality of your outdoor space. Perfect for patios and balconies, these bamboo trees promise to bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to your home.

These exotic rare flower seeds are just what your garden needs for a unique touch. They are of the bamboo variety, known for their resilience and easy cultivation. This makes them suitable even for those without a green thumb. Given their mini size, these trees are suitable for both spacious gardens and compact balconies.

Cultivation is a breeze, as these plants thrive in a subfrigid climate. For best results, plant them in the autumn for a beautiful full bloom. Interestingly, for the astrology enthusiasts, these plants are associated with the Virgo constellation, adding an extra layer of charm to your greenery.

While the flower pot is not included in this set, these seeds make the perfect gift for the wife who loves gardening, or simply as a treat for yourself. Let these Blue Bamboo Trees enrich your living space with their natural beauty and air purification properties.

How to Plant 20 Pcs Blue Bamboo Tree Seeds Easy Grow:
1. Choose a well-drained pot or planter.
2. Fill it with fertile soil and place the seeds about 1 inch deep.
3. Water the seeds thoroughly and ensure the soil stays moist.
4. Place the pot in a location that receives partial sunlight.
5. Maintain a subfrigid climate for optimum growth.
6. Expect germination in 2-3 weeks.
7. Enjoy your beautiful Blue Bamboo trees in full bloom during autumn.

Note: The cultivation difficulty degree is very easy, making it a delightful experience even for novice gardeners.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Bambusoideae
  • Planting Season: Autumn
  • Germination Rate: Expected germination in 2-3 weeks
  • Grown Plant Size: Mini
  • Time to Maturity: Full-bloom during Autumn
  • Soil Type: Fertile soil, well-drained
  • Watering: Maintain moist soil
  • Sunlight: Partial sunlight
  • Uses: Perfect for patios and balconies, decor for living room, can be used as a gift
  • Deer Resistance: High
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Bamboo variety is known for its resilience
  • Spacing Requirements: Suitable for both spacious gardens and compact balconies
  • Companion Plants: Can be planted with other easygrow plants
  • Harvesting Instructions: Not applicable as these are decorative plants
  • Additional Features: Associated with the Virgo constellation, air purifying properties, easy cultivation

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