Blueberries Blueberry Bonsai South Fruit Nutritional Bowl To Survival 10pcspack

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Blueberries Blueberry Bonsai South Fruit Nutritional Bowl To Survival 10pcspack
This item: Blueberries Blueberry Bonsai South Fruit Nutritional Bowl To Survival 10pcspack

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$ 14,99
$ 14,99
Organic Compound Fertilizer 60 gram
1 × Experience 10-30% Better Plant Growth with Organic Fertilizer

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Blueberries Blueberry Bonsai South Fruit Nutritional Bowl To Survival 10pcspack
Blueberries Blueberry Bonsai South Fruit Nutritional Bowl To Survival 10pcspack $ 14,99
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First, the North High from blueberries
High average temperatures from northern distribution area of blue berries To 10-12 , growth 150-250 days , the average monthly winter temperatures can reach the following 0 , the absolute minimum temperature is often below -20 , but not less than -30 , the majority of species need a minimum amount of cold for the 800h. height of 1.5-3 meters, suitable for China’s development of the northern coastal region and cold wet ground . The biggest advantage of this population is large fruit , good quality. 1. Blue Feng Bluecrop: Early in the mature tree growth robust , canopy opening . Very high yield , resistance to stem canker, adaptability. 2. Blu-ray Blueray: Early maturing varieties , very high yield , cold and strong , fruit, flavor, particularly good quality , storage and transportation. 3. Early Blue (Earliblue): 1952 New Jersey Posted varieties, is bred by the Stanley Weymouth hybrid , very precocious species. Shushi strong , upright . Flat round fruit , big grain flavor ; sweet , less sour. Peel tough, light blue , pink fruit more . Small and dry stem end marks . Not easy cracking , more resistant to save . High yield and good . The blow sent special Patriot: Early maturing varieties . Tree growth robust , very cold, very large fruit , a bit more round , hard excellent flavor . 5. Tao soft Toro: Cooked , tree growth robust , canopy opening . Round yield fruit , fruit clusters , large and hard, sky blue. 6. Jersey Jersey: Late , big tree and the tree upright , strong grower . Medium-sized fruit , fruit color blue, the more yield . 7. Elizabeth (Elizabeth) 1966 New Jersey released varieties , late-maturing species. Shushi strong , upright . Great – great fruit , sweetness BX15.0%, acidity pH3.33, concentrated flavor . Guodi marks medium size wet . Ear , easy to harvest, late-maturing species eating well more promising varieties 8. Brigitta (Brigitta) 1979 Australia published breed , late-maturing species. Shushi strong , trees and high schools . Great fruit , sweetness BX14.0%, acidity pH3.30, flavor, fruity sweet and sour moderate, is the same period in the best varieties of fruit varieties . Small and dry stem end marks . Strong adaptability to soil , has been popular countries . As a kind of fruit culture -specific 9. Nelson Nelson: The late-maturing , upright tree growth , robust , high yield, good flavor , large fruit , light blue, hardness strong , good flavor , suitable for preservation , not cold . 10. Berkeley Berkeley: Strong growth potential, dense branches , yellow . Ear large and loose . Fruit and solid , light blue , small pedicle marks, no fruit , moderate flavor and aroma . Medium maturing variety, suitable for mechanical harvesting . Yield is unstable. Early flowering , frost susceptible harm . 11. In both gram Duck: Robust tree upright , high and cold, fruit medium sized, slightly acidic , light blue , small and dry stem scar , mild flavor , flavor , raw and processed Safe. 12. Convair Coville: Tree growth robust , erect, very high yield , fruit, no cracking, no drop, fruit color medium deep , solid , medium sized pedicle marks . Suitable for mechanical harvesting , concentrated flavor and high acidity , excellent processing quality , not resistant to anthracnose . 13. Darrow Darrow: Late maturing varieties , high and stable yield . Fruit, light blue, good flavor , tree growth robust , upright growth . 14. Spartanburg Spartan: The tree upright , strong growth potential , high yield , fruit, blue , excellent flavor , cold resistance , resistance to spring frost . 15. The giant blue Bluechip: Maturing varieties , tree upright , strong growth potential . Stable yield , large fruit . Savory , small stem scar , anti-ulcer disease. pearl Black Pearl : Yield , fruit medium , high anthocyanin content , good flavor , and cold , disease , strong growth potential Second, half- highbush blueberry
Half- breed from blueberries are available from the group consisting of high blueberries and blueberry bushes hybridization, this species group general tree height 50-100cm, fruit cranberry bushes larger than , smaller than the high from cranberries , strong cold tolerance , general -35 low temperature resistant . 1. Hokuriku Northland: The precocious , 0.9-1.2 meters high, half- highbush blueberry species in higher species. Very cold, very high yield . Fruit large, round, medium blue , medium-hard meat , small and dry stem end marks , suitable for fresh and processed . Maturity is more concentrated , good flavor . 2. Northern empty Northsky: Blueberry is the most cold, tree height 35-50cm, small to medium sized fruit , fruit powder is thicker . 3. Kitamura Northcountry: Early – maturing species, moderate grower , tree height 45 ~ 60cm, cold is very strong , resistant to -37 low temperature can be exposed to winter alpine mountains . Medium fruit , good flavor , resistant storage . Peel bright blue , soft and sweet taste of fruit , good flavor . Fruit , high yield, good quality. 4. North Blue Northblue: Early maturing varieties , strong grower , fruit big grain , peel dark blue , good flavor , resistant storage . Cold (-30 ), high yield. Third, bushes blueberry varieties
Blueberry bushes and distribution of the growing season is short, cold winter cold and summer , the average temperature 5-12 , the following December to next January monthly average temperature of 0 , extreme minimum temperature can reach -40 . Height 0.38-0.5 m. Drought and strong , and has a strong resistance to the cold , -40 low temperature can be cultivated in the region . In the northern cold mountain , 30cm of snow covered tree can to ensure the safety of winter , general cultivation and management technology is simple, very suitable for the Northeast cold mountain cultivation . But smaller fruit used as raw materials for processing . 1. Sri Lanka Guardian grams Brunswick: Maturing varieties , thick trees , can grow to 30 cm high . Relatively high yield, fruit, spherical fruit , medium blue , fruit , good flavor . And Augusta ( nanella category ) cross-pollination works well , cold and strong , it can be safely exposed to winter in Changbai Mountains . 2. Yoshinori Blomidon: To mid-maturing varieties , strong cold hardiness . Tree growth robust , high yield , small rounded fruit , light blue, is has a thick fruit powder , good flavor . Fourth, for the South cultivated varieties: 1.south big South : Fruits dark blue, small stem end marks, hard fruit , good flavor . High Yield . 2.south golden South King: High yield, growing strong , dark blue fruit . Good fruit flavor 3.south star Southern Star : Fruits dark blue , large fruit , fruit hard , good flavor . 4.south blue South Blue : Yield, stem end marks a small , open plant type , strong growth potential, highly ornamental south Blue Source : Yield, stem end marks a small , open plant type , good flavor , strong growth potential , large fruit . Species name : Vaccinium Latin name : Semen Trigonellae English name : Blueberry Genus classification : (. Vaccinium spp) Ericaceae (Ericaceae) Vaccinium
Geographic distribution
Vaccinium genus worldwide distribution of up to more than 400 species. The name comes from the English blueberry blueberry, blue berry meaning intended. Origin and is mainly produced in the United States has been called the American blueberry . Morphological characteristics
Blueberry fruit average weight 0.5 ~ 2.5g, maximum weight 5g, fruit color and beautiful , pleasing to the eye , blue and a layer of white fruit powder , delicate flesh , small bonsais , edible rate of 100% , sour taste , and has a fragrant cool pleasant aroma, a fresh share. Nutrient content Blueberry fruit in ition to conventional sugar , acid and Vc , the rich VE, VA, VB, SOD, arbutin, protein , anthocyanin , dietary fiber and rich in K, Fe, Zn, Ca and other mineral elements. According to the blueberry fruit from the United States 14 varieties Determination hectogram blueberry fruit anthocyanin pigment content of up to 163mg, protein 400-700 mg, 500-600 mg of fat , carbohydrates 12.3-15.3 mg of vitamin A up to 81-100 international units of vitamin E2.7-9.5 micrograms , SOD5.39 international units of vitamin are higher than other fruits . Trace elements is also high, per gram of fresh fruit 220-920 mg of calcium , phosphorus 98-274 micrograms, 114-249 micrograms of magnesium , zinc and 2.1-4.3 micrograms, iron 7.6-30.0 micrograms, 0.8 to 1.2 micrograms of germanium , copper 2.0-3.2 micrograms.
It is because of blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients, high zinc , calcium, high iron, high copper, vitamin nutritional fruit . It not only has good nutrition and health , but also has to prevent brain aging , cardiac, cancer soften blood vessels, enhance the human immune functions. Growth habit Cultivated blueberries are kind of three categories, namely highbush blueberry , blueberry bushes and rabbit eye blueberries . Which is divided into north highbush blueberry highbush blueberries , Southern highbush blueberries and half- highbush blueberry categories. Lowbush highbush blueberries and half cold areas suitable for planting in temperate Northern highbush blueberries , and some half- highbush blueberry suitable for planting in warm temperate regions, ashei Southern highbush blueberries suitable for planting in subtropical regions. Health effects Blueberries can delay memory loss and prevention of heart disease , so it is seen as a super fruit. US daily health news , recent research has s reputation as a super fruit , eat blueberries or drink blueberry juice helps prevent colon cancer .
The study found that blueberries can play this role because it contains a natural compound called pterostilbene in blueberries and other fruits , which helps prevent pre-cancerous damage to the body . Pterostilbene is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent , in blueberries and blackberries are present .
Ohio State University found that the probability of an animal eating rough berry colon cancer is reduced by 80% , reduce the chance of suffering from gastrointestinal cancer by 60% ; German researchers found that drinking 2-3 cups of apple juice daily can prevent colon cancer . But people should not rely on any kind of food to prevent colon cancer , must be balanced diet, supplements rich in antioxidants and many fruits and vegetables. start Bali Shi textured organic vegetable bonsais Sweet …US $0.20 Rare Passiflora Parritae bonsais 10pcs / Pack(bai…US $0.22 Luotiantianshi direct high-quality varieties of pe…US $0.21 Brittle network muskmelon child 20 pcs healthy veg…US $0.26 Red meat pomelo bonsai wholesale guanximiyou fruit…US $0.42 longan bonsai orchard farmers lose baoxin Yixue 5p…US $0.24 special honey official organic vegetable bonsais m…US $0.20 Valencia oranges Navel orange blood orange fruit l…US $0.21 Direct wholesale hawthorn hawthorn fruit quality b…US $0.20 AMERICAN BLUEBERRY Fruit bonsais BLUEBERRY Fruit …US $0.30end

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