Egg White Eggplant Bonsais About Organic Vegetable 100pcs

$ 14,99

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Egg White Eggplant Bonsais About Organic Vegetable 100pcs
This item: Egg White Eggplant Bonsais About Organic Vegetable 100pcs

2 in stock

$ 14,99
$ 14,99
Organic Compound Fertilizer 60 gram
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Egg White Eggplant Bonsais About Organic Vegetable 100pcs
Egg White Eggplant Bonsais About Organic Vegetable 100pcs $ 14,99
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Egg white eggplant bonsais Brazil eggplant white eggplant can cook edible and medicinal vegetable bonsais 30 Egg white eggplant Scientific name : Solanum texanum Alias : Gold and silver eggplant Brazil Families and genera : Solanaceae Solanum Uses : In addition to potted ornamental fruit still Zairu flowerbed outside embellishment , fruit medicine , food . Characteristics : Annual herb , morphology and habits are like eggplant, high 30cm, leaves alternate between withdrawn in the leaf axils single flower, summer bloom berries , white more yellow when ripe , oval , long 5cm, the shape of eggs. Hi warm and sunny , well-drained loam . Cultivation : Spring March to May sown in a greenhouse or outdoor bonsaibed before planting bonsais with warm water and soak for 6-8 hours , casing 0.4cm, 4 separable after bonsailings grow true leaves , transplant 10-12cm height , or planted in the bonsaibed , or conservation of the basin , during the growth ? real benzene pepper Shi ? . Egg eggplant growth optimum temperature of 22-30 , the length of time is not sensitive to light , but the fruits of development should have a certain light . Strict requirements on the soil , like fat , preferably higher soil water content , organic-rich , fertile alluvial soil deep topsoil . Eggplant to absorb most potassium fertilizers , nitrogen , followed by phosphorus least. ( 1 ) Garden planting : preparation, mounding and fertilization , not with other solanaceous crops Cropping . Lot of deep plowing before administering 2-4 thousand per square meter composting manure , and superphosphate and ash . Tillage before planting time , soil preparation Zuoqi , general Qikuan 1.3-1.7 meters , planted two rows , furrow deeper . Day average temperature is stable at around 17 to planting, choose a warm sunny day . Colonization does not have to be too deep to bonsaibed planting depth is the same as the original , or the bonsailing cotyledon node flush appropriate, cotyledons exposed outside the territories. Water and fertilizer management : Before the door eggplant ” stare ” should control water , cultivating Dunmiao . After the ” stare ” in need of a focus on watering , fertilizing . Thereafter , every 7-10 days pouring water , with watering top dressing . Topdressing fertilizer ammonium sulfate 14-20 per square meter was dissolved in water water facilities . ( 2 ) Balcony breeding : Potted technology: eggplant hi fat , so put some family miscellaneous basal fertilizer, such as the intestine scale , slag and other animal hair angle blood fermentation composting waste buried at the bottom , with a slightly larger tile permeable hole note sheet , herringbone cover to prevent blockage leading to rot. Use potting , planting pots cotyledons exposed to the outer casing so that the soil , kept moist soil management manipulation , with soybean immersion liquid water , cut off the lower part of diseased leaves , old leaves . Harvest up to several months , when the flourishing time, 2-3 days can be harvested again. We are professional dro

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