Simple Tips For Growing Seeds Indoors – Prepare For Spring 2022

Do you want to prepare early for this year’s sowing season? BestSeedsOnline will give you a few simple tips on how to start seeds indoors.

It can be quite economical to start seeds indoors, especially when the seedlings grow into big plants. But it can also be very challenging and difficult if you don’t have the right tools on how to do it. If you want to increase your chances of success with growing seeds indoors, you should follow these simple tips from BestSeedsOnline.

Seed-starting supplies

For starting seeds indoors, it is good to use seed-starting supplies. This will help you grow your seeds better and faster. But which tools are necessary to purchase?

Seedling tray
Spray bottle
Plant labels
Seed starting soil mix
Easy to grow Seeds from BestSeedsOnline

You can also use a heat mat and an LED grow light. It is also possible to put the seedling tray in front of a window when the sun is shining, this will also give heat. But if there is then it is recommended to use a heat mat.

How to sow the seeds indoors

A lot of people try to grow seeds indoors so when it’s spring they can plant them outside. Because starting seeds outside can be very difficult. But starting seeds indoors is also not easy, but with these simple steps from BestSeedsOnline, you will grow some nice plants before you notice it.

Step 1.

First, start with filling a large bowl with seeds starting mix or compost (if you don’t have a seed starting mix). Mix this with some water to moist the soil. Then place your seedling tray inside the drip tray en fill each cell with soil. Fill them up just below the top of the cell.

Step 2.

Now it’s time to sow your seeds. You can use different kinds of seeds like creeping thyme seeds, hosta seeds or beautiful hibiscus seeds, but you can also try some delicious vegetable seeds.

Make small depressions in the soil with your fingertips. Then plant the seeds in these small holes. The depth is often listed on the package of the seeds. If the seeds are small you can sprinkle a few in one hole, but if you are sowing pumpkin seeds for example you can push 2 seeds into each cell. You can also use a seed sower to make the sowing process easier.

If you’ve planted all the seeds, you can sprinkle some more soil over the seeds. How much soil depends on the type of seeds. Small seeds don’t need much covering, but big seeds can be buried a bit deeper.

Step 3.

It is smart to label the seeds directly after sowing, so you won’t forget which seeds you planted in what cell. You can find these plant labels on our website BestSeedsOnline. Write down the variety and date of sowing.

Step 4.

Before we cover up the seedling tray we need to moisturize the seeds. You can do this with a spray bottle. There are different types of spray bottles, but I prefer to use a mist sprayer. This may take a little longer, but you can see exactly how much water you give your plants and you will never drown them. Go over the trays a couple of times, so that the seed starting mix is completely moisturized.

Step 5.

The last step of the sowing process is covering the seedling tray with a lid, or with plastic if your tray does not have a lid. Make sure the covering is waterproof, so the seeds won’t dry out too quickly. Place the tray in a spot where they get enough sunlight and warmth. You can also use a heat mat if necessary.

Check the tray regularly for moisture. If the soil is light, they need some extra water. If the tray is in a reservoir with water (as I said in the beginning) the plants always have enough water. Because they will soak it up through their drainage holes.

How to take care of the seedlings

Seeds need a lot of special care in the beginning. Like the right lighting and regularly watering. We will give you some extra tips on how to take care of your seedlings.


Seeds can germinate in darkness and light. But when the seeds have sprouted you have to place them in a light spot, because they need a lot of light to grow. If there is not enough sun that comes through the windows, you can use special growing lamps.


When you just started growing your seeds you have to check on your seeds twice a day. You can check the surface if it is dry and light. If this is the case, you need to water the seeds with a spray bottle. The seedlings need to be moist and not soggy. When the seeds have germinated you can give them more water with a can or something else that works.

Extra tip:

You can also use some extra fertilizer to keep the plants healthy. This can also help with the growing process of the seeds.

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