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10 Pcs Perennial Cherry Blossom Seeds

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10 Pcs Bonsai Flower Cherry Blossoms Perennial Tree Blossom Home Garden Plants Seeds
10 Pcs Perennial Cherry Blossom Seeds $16.66 Original price was: $16.66.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.
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10 Pack Cherry Blossom Seeds Perennial Tree Seedlings For Outdoor Landscaping

Bring nature’s beauty into your outdoor space with our 10 Pack Cherry Blossom Seeds. These perennial tree seedlings are perfect for landscaping your garden or courtyards, adding a splash of color and elegance to your surroundings. Our cherry blossom seeds are renowned for their full-bloom period in springtime, showcasing stunning pink blossoms that are a sight to behold.

Not only do these vibrant flowering plants enhance your exterior aesthetics, but they also serve a practical purpose. The cherry blossoms contribute to air purification, making your garden a healthier, more refreshing environment to relax in. Moreover, these seeds are classified as “Happy Farm,” meaning they are incredibly easy to cultivate, even for beginners.

Enjoy the temperate climate? These cherry blossom seeds thrive in such environments, making them a fantastic addition to your outdoor plants collection. Despite their medium size, these plants make a significant impact, providing a visual feast of blooming flowers under the spring skies.

How to Plant 10 Pcs Perennial Cherry Blossom Seeds:
1. Soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
2. Then, place the seeds in cold water for 72 hours.
3. Prepare wet soil and bury the seeds 1.5cm deep, covering with plastic.
4. Water the seeds daily. You should see sprouts within 15 days.

Please note that the flowerpot is excluded. With our cherry blossom seeds, you’re not just planting a tree; you’re cultivating a beautiful, healthy, and tranquil environment. Enjoy the rewarding process of growing your cherry blossom tree from seed to stunning spring spectacle.

So, are you ready to transform your garden into a cherry blossom haven? Order your 10 Pack Cherry Blossom Seeds today!

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Prunus serrulata
  • Planting Season: Best planted in late winter or early spring
  • Germination Rate: High germination rate with seeds sprouting in approximately 15 days
  • Grown Plant Size: Medium-sized tree, perfect for courtyards and gardens
  • Time to Maturity: Varies, but often flowers in its third year
  • Soil Type: Adapts well to a variety of soil types, but prefers well-drained, fertile soils
  • Watering: Regular watering is essential, especially during dry periods
  • Sunlight: Prefers full sun, but can tolerate part shade
  • Uses: Landscaping, air purification, and as a decorative plant
  • Deer Resistance: Cherry Blossom trees are not typically favored by deer
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Resistant to most common pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: Should be planted 20-30 feet apart to allow for mature growth
  • Companion Plants: Works well with other temperate climate plants like azaleas and rhododendrons
  • Harvesting Instructions: Not applicable as this is a flowering tree and not typically harvested

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