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Daffodil Flower Seeds Easygrow Narcissus Bulbs

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Genuine!100 Pcs Daffodil Flower Bonsai Beautiful Plants Not Narcissus Bulbs Easy Growing Home Garden
Daffodil Flower Seeds Easygrow Narcissus Bulbs $15.78 Original price was: $15.78.$14.99Current price is: $14.99.
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Authentic 100piece Daffodil Flower Set Easytogrow Not Narcissus Bulbs Ideal For Indooroutdoor Decor

Experience the joy of gardening with our Authentic 100piece Daffodil Flower Set. Not only are these Easytogrow Narcissus Bulbs perfect for beginners, but they also offer the exceptional aesthetic appeal of vibrant, beautiful daffodil flowers. These aren’t just any ordinary plants; they are classified under the Happy Farm variety, known for their air purifying qualities and perennial style.

Whether you have a large garden or a small tea table, these daffodil flower seeds are ideal for you. Available in mini, small, medium sizes, they can fit into any space perfectly. Their blooming period is in the summer, making them a bright and cheerful addition to your outdoor decor. Despite being a tropical plant, these daffodils are incredibly easy to cultivate, even if you are not blessed with a green thumb.

How to Plant Daffodil Flower Seeds Easygrow Narcissus Bulbs:

1. Start by preparing your soil. It should be rich, well-drained soil.
2. Plant the bulbs about 3 times their height deep in the soil.
3. Space your bulbs about 3-6 inches apart.
4. Water well after planting, ensuring the soil is moist but not waterlogged.
5. After planting, apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer.
6. When in growth, water moderately.
7. Enjoy the vibrant blooms in summer!

With these easy steps, you can transform your garden into a vibrant, lively space. So why wait? Bring home the Authentic 100piece Daffodil Flower Set and discover the joy of easy, enjoyable gardening.

Planting Essentials:

  • Latin Name: Narcissus
  • Planting Season: Spring
  • Germination Rate: High, with most seeds sprouting within 2-3 weeks
  • Grown Plant Size: Available in mini, small, and medium sizes
  • Time to Maturity: Blooms fully in summer
  • Soil Type: Prefers well-drained, rich soil
  • Watering: Moderate watering required, ensure soil is moist but not waterlogged
  • Sunlight: Prefers full sun to partial shade
  • Uses: Ideal for outdoor decor and indoor tea tables
  • Deer Resistance: High, deer tend not to eat daffodils
  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Resistant to most common garden pests and diseases
  • Spacing Requirements: Bulbs should be spaced 3-6 inches apart
  • Companion Plants: Works well with other spring bloomers like tulips and hyacinths
  • Harvesting Instructions: Cut flowers at the base when fully bloomed for indoor decoration
  • Additional Benefits: Classified under the Happy Farm variety, known for their air purifying qualities and perennial style
  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very easy, perfect for beginners

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