Jackfruit Seeds

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Jackfruit Seeds
This item: Jackfruit Seeds

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$ 14,99
$ 14,99
Organic Compound Fertilizer 60 gram
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Jackfruit Seeds
Jackfruit Seeds $ 14,99
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start end Growth environment Pineapple hi tropical climate.Suitable for non-frost, with plenty of rainfall in the region.Hi light, rapid growth, a little shade when young, hi deep fertile soil, avoid water. Planting instructions: Benn flower: the plant is large, shallow root system, need water, fertilizer and more vegetative growth and temperature, moisture, light, fertility close. The optimum temperature for the growth of flowers Benn 20 ~ 25 Celsius. Water is appropriate, every 3 to 4 days or grow one leaf. Benn flowers are typical of aquatic flowers can hypoxia germination, hair needs higher water in flooded or supersaturated soil moisture conditions better germination. 1016322_000002 Fast Navigation RECOMMEND FLOWER SEEDS >>> RECOMMEND FRUIT SEEDS >>> RECOMMEND VEGETABLE SEEDS FLOWER SEEDS Rare flowers >>> Rose >>> Orchid >>> Petunia >>> Dahlia >>> Peony >>> Chrysanthemum >>> Lily Succulent >>> Amaryllis >>> Gladiolus >>> Eustoma >>> Hydrangea >>> Fuchsia >>> Schlumbergera Begonia >>> Clematis >>> Andraeanum >>> Grass >>> Water Lily >>> Desert Rose >>> Calla Maidenhair >>> Freesia >>> Jasmine >>> Carnation >>> Hoya >>> Geranium >>> Cactus >>> Daisy FRUIT SEEDS Strawberry >>> Grape >>> Kiwi >>> Raspberry & Blueberry >>> Cherry >>> Watermelon Dragon >>> Orange & apple & Pears >>> Lemon >>> More Hot Sale Fruit Seeds VEGETABLE SEEDS Tomato >>> Cucumber >>> Pepper & Chili >>> Eggplant >>> Pumpkin Carrot seed & Radish >>> Cabbage >>> Lettuce >>> More Hot Sale Vegetable Seeds TREE SEEDS Bamboo >>> Pine Tree >>> Maple >>> Sakura >>> More Hot Sale Tree Seeds 1016322_000002_end 1016322_000001 Best Selling items Big Promotion!Balcony Potted Flower Rare Blue Chrysanthemum Flower Seeds DIY Home Garden Flower Plant 100 Seeds/pack,#5W1WA1 US $ 0.37 /piece New Fresh Seeds Chinese Peony Seeds Hot Red Peony Flower Potted Bonsai Plant Seed 10 Pieces / lot,#RPWVWN US $ 0.43 /piece Professional Packaging 100 Seeds Rare Holland Rainbow Rose seed colorful Home Garden plant rare rainbow rose flower seeds,#MG001 US $ 0.89 /piece New Arrival 2017!! Black Rose Seeds,50 Seeds/pack China Rare Black Rose Flower Seeds For Garden Home US $ 0.61 /piece Best-Selling!7 Colors Eustoma Seeds Perennial Flowering Plants Potted Flowers Seeds Lisianthus Seeds,100 PCS/Lot,#0HGZWM US $ 0.43 /piece New Arrival 2017!! wisteria seeds 10 Seeds/pack rare gold mini bonsai wisteria tree seeds Indoor plants For Garden Home US $ 0.61 /piece Promotion! Perennial Root Ground-cover Chrysanthemum Flower Seeds, Original, 50 Pieces / Bag, Easy to Grow,#K7G4XQ US $ 0.76 /piece Loss Promotion!200 Pcs/lot Big Red Carnation Seeds Balcony Potted Courtyard Garden Plants Dianthus Caryophyllus Flower Seeds,#T7 US $ 0.36 /piece Promotion!Strelitzia Seeds Garden Perennials Flower Bird of Paradise Seeds Strelitzia 100 Pieces / Bag,#3JXO5J US $ 0.32 /piece Vegetables and fruit seeds red Raspberry seeds Bonsai plants Seeds for home & garden 100 seeds free

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